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Private & Phone Consulting – Inkjet Printing, Calibration & Photoshop Training
“I first met Andrew in 2002 when I took his excellent class on inkjet printing at ICP in New York. I was new to the subject and was eager to start making my own portfolio prints as I had been less than happy with the prints I was getting from my lab. Andrew got me up and running in no time. His knowlege of the subject is infinite and his experience vast. My notes from the class have been my Inkjet Bible ever since.

Andrew has since made two ICC profiles for my home office printers. The first time during a home visit in which he also made sure that my monitor and photoshop settings were all in-line with the printer. And the second time over the phone and through the mail, in which I mailed him a color chart that I printed out. Andrew then emailed me the ICC profile. The turnaround time on this was less than 72 hours. I feel like I can call Andrew any time with printing questions. He is a true professional and highly recommended.” -Matthew Wakem (www.matthewwakem.com)

“Tired of having other people print my work and having to accept their final product I decided to make the big jump and make my own prints as I did in the darkroom past. Andrew guided me through the entire process of purchasing the correct printer, ink, paper, and profiles. He then set forth and showed me in the simplest way, how to use them. I just completed a large commission submitting my own (quite beautiful) prints. I truly couldn’t have done it without him!” -Victoria Cooper, photographer

“Andrew was so calm and knowledgeable, with a wonderful attention to detail. He made certain that every problem was attended to while also making sure that I understood how the problems were corrected. He interspersed explaining the task at hand with other tips regarding papers and Photoshop functions which will make my work easier and less expensive and the finished product longer lasting. His services are invaluable and his demeanor made what could have been a giant pain in the ass actually quite fun and interesting.” – Shreve Neff, professional photographer

“In just a few pleasant hours, Andrew cut through the “fog”. We established the calibration and a workflow. The quality of prints I’ve been making astonishes me! Andrew is a patient and perceptive teacher. Despite his admonition to “take notes”, I was so pleased, mesmerized by the “magical” results, that I took too few. At my age, it’s easy to forget some details. But I don’t worry, as I know Andrew will back me up–if necessary.” – Roland Reisley, avid amateur photographer

“Andrew’s clear concise & patient tutoring saved me half the hair on my head…I wish I called him sooner (so does my girlfriend). Epson Printer + Color Profiling + Monitor Calibration – headaches and BS = Andrew Darlow. I’m no longer afraid to proof CMYK using my epson printer… thanks to Andrew Darlow. I can now CONFIDENTLY use my printer to proof cmyk thanks to Andrew’s clear concise practical lesson and he’s a real nice guy too!” – Mathew Zucker, professional photographer

“I had just gotten my Epson 7600 and had problems with color management and using the Atkinson profiles. Andrew walked me through the steps to get everything working properly and I learned quite a bit about color management. All this done over the phone in just a couple of hours. Now I am producing amazing prints. Thanks, Andrew!” -Richard McEnery, professional photographer

“There I was just having made the leap into the digital world, a new scanner, a digital printer, updated operating system but left with an analog brain. And to make matters more exciting, I had an approaching deadline for a big presentation. Who did I turn to first? Of course, Andrew Darlow. With a warm smile and calm demeanor, Andrew came to my office, clicked here and dragged there till the machine was purring like a kitten. Then he proceeded to carefully explain what he just did and how to best proceed with the tasks I had ahead. Needless to say, the presentation was a success and my photographic world just took a dramatic turn. If I could only have Andrew on retainer, maybe the rest of my life would run as smoothly.” -Matthew Septimus, Professional Photographer

“I called Andrew because I was having big problems matching my monitor with prints from my Epson 1280. To begin, we made a test print on my Epson using Epson Premium Semigloss paper. Then Andrew used his Eye-One Spectrophotometer to make a custom profile. The profile was installed and has made it possible for me to get accurate colors that match my monitor. I’m indebted to Andrew for his patience and expertise, and I highly recommend him.” -Joe Szabo, teacher, photographer, author

“I first met Andrew at a class that he was teaching a couple of years ago at ICP in NYC. The class was on color calibration, and he was superb. Knew everything one needed to know, and gave me an incredible number of tips and insights.

I then hired Andrew to photograph our dogs at our house in early 2002. The results were tremendous, which included a great poster of our puppy staring out the window. Not to be outdone, that puppy (fondly known as Olivia, who fell in love with Andrew) posed for me on Andrew’s neck in my living room. Andrew proudly uses this picture on occasion to demonstrate how much dogs love him. (There was a time in my life when I only dealt with people who loved my dogs – now I only deal with people that my dogs love…)Finally, a couple of weeks ago I did a private tutorial with Andrew in NYC. I showed him my work, and had him critique several photos. He really helped improve my sharpening, color balance, composition, and printing (especially B&W). Really productive use of my time, which also connected me to a bunch of online sites for really useful plug-ins and other downloads.Best of all, Andrew has the kind of personality that gives you full attention, very relaxed, a terrific listener, and the time just flies by. My strongest recommendation.” -David Levy

“Andrew has helped us with screen calibration, ColorBurst RIP setup for our Epson 4000 and configuration of the Silverfast software for our Epson Expression 1640 scanner. He is very knowledgeable and extraordinarily thorough in his work. Andrew came to our office a few times to help with problems that we encountered after the initial set-up. Each time we called Andrew with a question he spent as much time as was needed (either on the phone or coming in to our office in person) to solve the problem!

In addition to his expertise, Andrew is very patient and kind. He possesses a unique combination of being both approachable and knowledgeable. We always know we can count on Andrew when printing and scanning seems daunting or confusing. He is a great friend and contact to have.” – Hollis von Summer & Amy McKnight www.macandcheesedesign.com

Classes at ICP (International Center of Photography)
“I learned the fundamentals of color calibration from Andrew. He made this concept much clearer and enabled me to apply it to my own system. Andrew’s calibration aids are very helpful in adjusting your monitor. He makes the process of comprehending how the image on the screen replicates itself on the paper understandable. Andrew is a wonderful source for paper, printers and places to obtain these items at reasonable cost. Andrew exhibits his own work to his classes, not to show off (it’s quite excellent) but to demonstrate that you can obtain similar results by gaining a fuller understanding of the medium” – Tom Urgo

One and Two Day Classes & Workshops

“Learning from Andrew Darlow about the complexity of printing profiles and the vast selection of printing papers for the latest inkjet printers was a very pleasant and enriching experience. Andrew has in-depth knowledge about these subjects, communicates well with the class, and is a perceptive teacher who enthusiastically answers all questions of his students. I am eager to apply the knowledge I gained from him, and gladly will attend his workshops again when the time comes for an update in the ever changing technology of printing.” – Rosel Froehlich Stone, Artist/Photographer

“I found the workshop to be extensive, clear, and excellently presented. Your ability to stay on topic and cover the entire handout is to be commended, especially when we had so many questions/comments. The handout is something that I will use frequently. Thank you again.” -Belinda Peters, professional photographer

“The one day seminar moved at a swift pace covering a wide range of essential information that is useful to photographers of all levels of ability. The material presented covers the necessary nuts and bolts of printing: profiles/ papers / printers/ dpi / color and much more. Each participant receives a book full of useful information to take home with step by step examples given to ensure one understands what to do. I found especially useful the opportunity to see and touch the printer papers and see printed results on these papers. Andrew loves photography and it shows – Andrew is a natural teacher – he shares a wealth of information and explains the material thoroughly and clearly because he wants to ensure everyone understands the content presented.” -Martha Olson, photographer, teacher

“Thank you for an excellent seminar. You and Katrin gave us a huge amount of useful information, and both presented it very clearly and concisely. I am very glad I attended and look forward to seeing an immediate improvement in my work… Again, thank you for an absolutely outstanding seminar! “-David Limburg, Photographer & Digital Illustrator

Pet Photography 

“I contacted Andrew to photograph my Pembroke Welsh Corgi ‘Gracie’ as a Christmas gift for my husband. I had seen a brochure of his photography at Biscuits & Bath, a doggy gym on the Eastside of Manhattan. I had also checked his website which turned out to be just adorable! Andrew came to my home and immediately clicked (pardon the pun) with Gracie and me. Our photo session was fun and productive. Gracie was very much at ease throughout the session. The results were just great; so much so that I had a very difficult time picking the finals for my husband’s gift. My husband was very pleased with the pictures that we chose and we decided to share another picture with our breeder so she could see what a beautiful dog our Gracie had grown up to be.” -J.Y Reese

“Thank you so much for the photos. I received them yesterday. They are beautiful. What I especially love about them is that they capture their personalities. Thanks again, Barbara”

“I just received the photographs you took of my doberman Aeson from the NBKC show. They came out wonderful! The quality and clarity of the photos was as you said they would be. Two of the photos that I ordered from you truly captured Aeson’s personality. As soon as I get a chance I am going to visit the website to relook at the other photos you took of him. Once again thank you for doing such a great job of photographing him. I was very pleased with your patience and comfort level around my dog, it made for a stress free and fun experience for him.” Sincerely, Sharon & Aeson