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Free seminars online from

I recently listened to a podcast and watched an Apple Seminar that features a very successful voiceover artist, Joe Cipriano. There are a lot of great tips for choosing a microphone, tips for recording in a hotel room, tips for how to speak into a mic and how to filter your voice. Just a lot of great stuff for people interested in recording audio.

Here’s a link to the specific Apple Seminar mentioned above. It is video and requires both Apple Quicktime and registration for the Apple Seminar to watch and listen.

The Radio Show/Podcast from which I learned about these resources is Inside Mac Radio (December 9th Show).

Joe Cipriano also has some video podcasts on his blog made with the video camera built into a MacBook Pro.
For many more free online seminars, covering a wide range of Apple products, visit the main seminar page at

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Eight page Inkjet & Imaging Tips Newsletter available online or as a PDF


InkjetTips20070131.pdf (click on the file to the left to download the Newsletter as a PDF).

Hello! I recently wrote a newsletter that contains news, tips and info about some of the fiber-based semi-gloss and gloss papers on the market. There are also some links to info on inexpensive hard drives, Apple Aperture and the announcement of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0.

This podcast contains no audio or video. Though not commonly done, many types of media can be distributed via the same method as podcasts, including PDFs, and that’s what I’m sending out in this podcast. I normally don’t post my newsletters as articles, but I’ve made an exception with this one.
In the newsletter, there is an announcement for a free workshop at a professional photo lab in Middlesex, NJ. It’s being held next Tuesday, February 6. Below is the direct link to the newsletter online, with active hyperlinks:


(above) One of the photographs described in the newsletter.

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