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17 Newsgroups and Forum Sites for Learning More About Inkjet Printing

I was recently asked on a Yahoo!Groups newsgroup where people can learn more about large format printing, so I put together this list of groups to which I subscribe, and modified it slightly for this post.

These are all good newsgroups to consider joining, or websites with forums to consider reading and/or joining to learn about people’s experiences with printing and to hear opinions on many topics related to digital art and imaging. Some are very specific to a particular type of printer, brand or software.

After joining and prior to posting any messages, I recommend reading the list rules and checking the archives to make sure that your question has not already been answered. Also, you have the option of choosing “No e-mail” for your Yahoo!Groups messages, which means that you can go online to read messages, but none will be sent to your e-mail address. I prefer getting my messages sent via single messages to an e-mail account, but that means that I receive at least 100 every day from my 80+ groups.

There are Yahoo!Groups for many different interests, and the main page is here. Another advantage of Yahoo!Groups is that you can run a newsletter in which only you can post to the group. That’s how I currently send out my Inkjet & Imaging Tips Newsletter, which you can see a screen shot of below, and learn more about here.


A section of the welcome page and main interface for a Yahoo!Groups newsgroup/newsletter.

I am one of the moderators of the DigitalFineArt Newsgroup, so I proudly listed that one first:

Enjoy the Groups and Websites!



Tips and images by Chris Ranier at Kingston’s “Icons of Photography” Website

A few months ago, I posted a story about the Kingston Icon’s of Photography program and Website. I think the site is an excellent resource, filled with captivating images, as well as tips and techniques from some of the world’s most well-known photographers. To read my overview of the site, with a description for how I like to navigate through it, visit this page.

This month’s featured Kingston Icon is National Geographic photographer Chris Ranier. Rainier’s life mission has been to document the world’s disappearing tribes and cultures. Under the Techniques section, Ranier shares his thoughts about a number of topics, including B&W vs. color, tips for working in remote areas, the importance of backgrounds and other advice. He also tells a story about how his Hasselblad ended up floating down a river during a portrait shoot in New Guinea (that must have hurt).

Picture 1.jpg

Other Kingston “Icons of Photography” include: Harry Benson, Barbara Bordnick, Colin Finlay, Douglas Kirkland, Gerd Ludwig and Peter Read Miller.

Direct link to Chris Ranier’s gallery on the Kingston Icons Website.

Photo Exhibition by Dan Burkholder on Display Until 12/31/2006

I just came across this captivating series of images. Photographer, author and educator Dan Burkholder has a photography show of his images entitled Shadows of Lives and Loss: Decaying Memories Along the Gulf Coast, photographed in the Gulf Coast region of the US after Hurricane Katrina. The show is on display until December 31, 2006 at Tammy Cromer-Campbell Photographs & Gallery in Longview, TX.


Dan Burkholder’s Gallery of images from the show can be found here. A very interesting online slide show with audio is also available online. Burkholder, Tammy Cromer-Campbell and Roy Flukinger, the Curator of Photography at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin speak about the project and I highly recommend listening. You can find the interview here.

On this page, you can select Dan’s series of images or work by other artists to get more information about their prints. I learned about this show from a great website run by Mary Virgina Swanson. I had an opportunity to attend Ms. Swanson’s lecture during the PhotoPlus Expo in November and I was amazed at the amount of great information she shared with the audience. Here’s a link to the seminar description page from the PhotoPlus Expo website. The seminar was entitled: Presenting your work to the fine-art community.

And here is a link to Dan Burkholder’s website. Dan is a longtime friend, and a fantastic teacher, photographer and printmaker.

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