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The Center for Fine Art Photography International Show 7/10 Deadline

Last year I judged a show called People, Places and Things, and I visited The Center For Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, Colorado to see the show and to do a lecture on inkjet printing. It was a great experience and I was very impressed by The Center’s gallery, as well as the quality of the work I was asked to judge.


Photo © David Burdeny, Shear, Japan 2005
Director’s Award – 2006 International

The Center’s 2007 International Exhibition of Fine Art Photography call for entries deadline is July 10. It is an open theme, and last year drew entrants from more than 15 countries. Some of the awards include exhibition in The Center’s gallery, publication in Artists’ ShowCase, the Center’s feature section in CameraArts magazine, and cash awards. If you haven’t seen CameraArts magazine, I highly recommend subscribing. I think the whole magazine is very well put together. Their free newsletter is also well worth subscribing to in my opinion, and can be found here.

I am a member of The Center For Fine Art Photography’s Ambassador’s Circle, which is a group of volunteers who help to share information about events and calls for entry. More information about the Ambassadors’ program can be found on The Center’s Website.

Entries are due July 10 and are accepted via The Center’s website. For more info, here is a direct link to the International Show call for entry page.

Eight page Inkjet & Imaging Tips Newsletter available online or as a PDF


InkjetTips20070131.pdf (click on the file to the left to download the Newsletter as a PDF).

Hello! I recently wrote a newsletter that contains news, tips and info about some of the fiber-based semi-gloss and gloss papers on the market. There are also some links to info on inexpensive hard drives, Apple Aperture and the announcement of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0.

This podcast contains no audio or video. Though not commonly done, many types of media can be distributed via the same method as podcasts, including PDFs, and that’s what I’m sending out in this podcast. I normally don’t post my newsletters as articles, but I’ve made an exception with this one.
In the newsletter, there is an announcement for a free workshop at a professional photo lab in Middlesex, NJ. It’s being held next Tuesday, February 6. Below is the direct link to the newsletter online, with active hyperlinks:


(above) One of the photographs described in the newsletter.

All the best,



Highlights from the Macworld Expo 2007

The 2007 Macworld Expo is still in high gear as of this posting (the show floor closes on Friday 1/12 at 4pm). My predictions for the 2007 Keynote were not exactly right (not even close, actually), but I was just having fun, and I still think that some of my product predictions may be announced over the next 12 months. However, with the new iPhone introduction, I think we will see an iPod/internet communicator combo that uses the iPhone technology, but leaves out the phone functionality.

I also think that future models will have more flash memory (or a hard drive) and will be released within the next 12 months. For a great tour of the new iPhone, visit this link (screen shot below is from the linked web page). Be sure to click on all of the top-right icons (I’ve circled them in white) to see videos of all the features. The “accelerometer” sensor that instantly changes the screen image from horizontal to vertical is very cool.


Here are a few interesting products and related items that were announced at the show. One was on my prediction list, but it was announced by a third party:

1. The Axiotron ModBookâ„¢

Other World Computing and Axiotron, Inc. debuted the first ever Mac Tablet solution, named The Axiotron ModBook. This product uses an Apple MacBook notebook computer as its core engine, and adds touch-screen pen input, a new 13.3″ wide screen LCD and an optional Global Positioning System in a satin-finish, and a chrome-plated magnesium top shell.

There are three configurations available, and all include an integrated iSight camera and CD/DVD combo drive. I think this is an engineering breakthrough and I’m very curious how well the handwriting recognition works. I’m guessing that a wireless keyboard and mouse can be used with the device, which would give the device very good functionality at home and on the road.


The Axiotron ModBook (shown above) features Wacom Penabled hardware (which many photographers will recognize), and the pen requires no batteries or magnets. This technology allows the cursor to be controlled while the pen is hovering over the screen, providing for an intuitive, mouse-like interface with zero learning curve. My guess is that this product will work in a way similar to Wacom’s Cintiq line of touch-sensitive monitors.

During Macworld and until January 31st, Other World Computing is offering the ModBook base configuration plus the built-in Axiotron GPS Module at an introductory price of $2,199. For more information, visit This product also received an IDG Macworld Best of Show award. Related link: Mac OSX’s inkwell technology.

2. Joel Meyerowitz Presentation and Gallery

There will be a special presentation by world-renowned photographer Joel Meyerowitz on Thurs., Jan. 11 at 2:45 pm. During his presentation, “Into the Light,” Joel will share his images and experiences from his 40-year career. His gallery will showcase Meyerowitz’ images from Tuscany, Cape Cod and Ground Zero in New York.

All prints were made on HP’s new Designjet Z Photo Printer Series. For more info, visit this page.

3. Mophie Illuminator Product Creation & Launch Event


Mophie, a Vermont-based company who specializes in designing and producing iPod accessories. At Macworld, the company will tap the minds of 30,000+ Macworld attendees to create a new product. This is a completely novel idea, and as someone who loves gadgets and design, I’ll be watching the Mophie blog closely. For more info about the Illuminator event, visit this page.

4. IDG Macworld Best of Show awards

Each year, the editors of Macworld magazine and Web sites announce their picks for Best of Show. To find out about all of of IDG’s Macworld Best of Show awards, visit this page. And if you’re there, enjoy the show!

Additional Macworld Expo links worth a look:

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