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First, I’d like to wish all of our readers a very happy new year. This is my first post of 2009. A nice holiday present came in the form of recognition by the folks at was named to their list of “Top 100 Photography Blogs.” I’d like to thank them for putting The Imaging Buffet on the same page as some of my favorite blogs, including, American Photo’s “State of the Art,” PDN’s “PDN Pulse,”  This Week in Photography,  Strobist, Scott Kelby’s “Photoshop Insider,” and many others. Feel free to share some of your favorite photo blogs in our comments section (preferably with a reason why you are selecting them).

And happy new year once again!


Quick Review: Rangefinder October 2008 Issue

I just received the Rangefinder October 2008 issue, which is published by Rangefinder Publishing. It is the Fine Art Issue, and weighs in at 250 pages. It is truly spectacular, and that’s why I’m taking time to mention it. As a former Editorial Director of a photo-related magazine (Digital Imaging, and later renamed Digital Imaging Techniques), I know how much work goes into to putting together a magazine (and Rangefinder is much bigger than the one that I worked on).

rangefinderoct2008.jpgHere are a few reasons why I think the issue is so impressive:

• The art portfolios, well-written articles and advice from many photographers, including Eric Meola, Lois Greenfeld, Michael Eastman, Mary McGrath, Andy Katz and others are truly stunning;
• The layout and design of the issue (as usual) is fantastic.
• The imagery and tips from “My Lessons from the Lemon Grove” by Deanna Urs are excellent;
• The new Promo Guide, with special offers on a wide range of products and services is well thought-out and organized;
• John Rettie’s overviews of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Adobe CS4 and onOne Software’s Focal Point are very informative.

I was also very happy to see that many of the articles are available as downloadable PDFs on this page of the Rangefinder website.

It’s also great that the printed magazine is free to qualified photographic professionals. You can find the page to submit your information for a free print subscription here.

Over the last year, I’ve contributed some of my images and tips to a few Rangefinder and AfterCapture articles. They are available below for download.

Related Links:

• Rangefinder’s sister publication primarily dedicated to more technical digital photo topics: AfterCapture magazine. AfterCapture’s archives can be found here, and like Rangefinder’s print subscription, the print version of AfterCapture is also available free to qualified photographic professionals. You can find the subscription page here.

• Feature article in the July 2008 Rangefinder Magazine: Andrew Darlow: Serving Up a Buffet of Imaging and Output Tips (downloadable PDF)

• February 2008 article in AfterCapture Magazine to which I contributed images and printing tips: MarketingMojo: Your Future is an Open Book (downloadable PDF)

Another Very Good Review of the Canon EOS Rebel XSi

I just logged onto and came across a new review of the Canon EOS Rebel XSi by Ben Long. One of the most interesting parts of the review is when Long covers the XSi’s live view features, including a photo from an event shot at 1600ISO. The article can be found here.

Ben Long is the author of a number of successful books about digital photography, including Complete Digital Photography, and Getting Stated with Camera Raw. His website, Complete Digital Photography, has a wealth of information about digital photography, Apple Aperture, Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, Plug-ins and much more.

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