Tip: Changing Case Quickly In Microsoft Word

This is probably common knowledge for many, but I did not know about this until I recently stumbled upon this feature. If you highlight the text you want to change in a Word document and choose Format>Change Case, you can change the case of type in a few different ways.

For example, you can convert a paragraph of all caps (not that anyone would actually commit such a type offense, especially in an e-mail) to normal sentence case without re-keying the info. There are a number of other options as well (see below), such as Change to: Sentence case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Title Case or tOGGLE cASE:


Let me know if this was helpful, and if you’d like more quick tips like these, just let me know which topics you are interested in by sending a note to imaging@andrewdarlow.com.

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Announcement: LiveBooks|EDU launched with affordable portfolio solutions for students & teachers


For the last few years, I’ve seen about 50 online portfolios from photographers who use LiveBooks software. The sites really stand out because they look very slick, contain large images (much like a printed portfolio) and have easy to navigate thumbnails.

The following information, describing the company’s subscription-based service for students and teachers, comes from a recent press release: LiveBooks recently announced it will provide a subscription based package for students and teachers of photography for its award-winning Web-based portfolio software. LiveBooks Lite provides users with the ability to create up to three individual portfolios with each portfolio capable of housing up to 64 images. LiveBooks Deluxe offers virtually unlimited portfolios. Both versions enable photographers to create multiple libraries to store and organize approximately 1,000 images waiting to be rotated into their online portfolios. LiveBooks|EDU Lite and Deluxe are available for monthly subscription rates of 29.95 and $59.95, respectively. The monthly subscription price includes Website hosting by LiveBooks Inc. and a unique method for entering metadata to bring a LiveBooks Website to the top of Web searches.

The pro-level versions of LiveBooks (not the student & teacher version) is sold for a one-time fee of $950-3900 (depending upon the package selected) on the LiveBooks.com website. For more information, visit https://www.livebooksedu.com and https://www.livebooks.com

Announcement: APA/NY Portfolio Review + the 2006 APA National Photo Competition

For more than five years I’ve been a member of the Advertising Photographers of America’s NY chapter (APA/NY). As you might expect, the group is made up primarily of photographers who specialize in advertising and editorial work. The APA has regional chapters across the USA and there are many benefits of membership. For example, the APA/NY chapter regularly organizes workshops and photographer lectures at places such as the Apple Store in Soho, NYC, and they are running a very special portfolio review event during advertising week this year in New York City (9/26-27, 2006). I’ve also had the opportunity to speak on the topic of inkjet printing for the New York and Atlanta chapters, both of which were great experiences.


The 2006 APA National Photo Competition with the theme: Show Off! You Know You Want To is accepting entries until 9/22/2006. A very impressive list of judges will choose the winners, in categories ranging from Advertising to Student and Personal/Fine Art.

Winners will receive prizes including: a digital darkroom with a Mac Pro and Cinema display: liveBooks Folio 5.0 packages; Canon EOS 30D Digital SLR 8.2 Megapixel Camera; Fuji FinePix F30 Cameras; Adobe Photoshop CS2; Blinkbid estimating and invoicing software; a one year membership to Digital Railroad; and AsukaBooks of winning images. Winners will also be showcased in the APA online Winners Gallery and at the APA’s booth at Photo Plus Expo in November. For more information, visit APA National’s website.