San Diego International Fine Art Show (through 6/11/2006)

San Diego’s Museum of the Living Artist is exhibiting its first single medium international fine art show – and the medium is digital. The range of the art selected by Marilyn Kushner, Chair and Curator of the Prints and Drawings at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, spans the range of fine art one discovers in most contemporary shows. The exhibition runs through Sunday, June 11, 2006.

The exhibit is located in the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park along with many of its cultural institutions – the Timken Museum, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Old Globe Theatre Complex, the Museum of Photographic Art, the Natural History Museum, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and more.


(above) Photograph of the show’s opening. Photo © Anthony Beltran

SONY is the major title sponsor for this exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute’s exhibition space. The Digital Art Guild participated in a significant way to bring concept, logistical support and direction to this venture into digital art. This exhibition is part of an umbrella of digital art events taking place in San Diego. More information can be found at the DAG webzine: www.digitalartguild.com.


(above) James Edwards, Grand Award Winner; Lori Soldana, State of California Assemblywoman; and Marilyn Kushner, Guest Juror. Photo © Anthony Beltran


(above) Grand Award Winning entry: “AlFallujah” © James Edwards

More information can be found at the SDAI website: www.sandiego-art.org or by telephone at 619-236-0011.

-Text courtesy Beth Gahan, images copyright as noted.

The Imaging Buffet 002: Apple Store NYC Grand Opening

Hello once again! I attended the May 19th opening of the Apple Store on 59th Street and Fifth Ave. in New York City and it was a very memorable visit.


Click on the image above to watch the slide show (36 images) and to listen to the audio review.

I used a fantastic product called Soundslides (soundslides.com) to make the slide show. To navigate manually through the audio and images, just drag the moving icon.

To request images for licensing, contact Andrew Darlow at ad@andrewdarlow.com. All images copyright 2006 Andrew Darlow, all rights reserved. No images or text may be used without written consent from Andrew Darlow.


PRESS PLAY BELOW TO HEAR THE IMAGING BUFFET 002 PODCAST SPECIAL EDITION (13 minutes – Includes Apple Store Visit & Queen B’s Movie Review of the Martin Scorsese film, “The Age of Innocence”). Drag the moving bar to move forward or back at any time. Or Download Podcast as an mp3 Here




PRESS PLAY ABOVE TO HEAR THE IMAGING BUFFET PODCAST (46 min., 44 sec.). Drag the moving bar to move forward or back at any time.

Letter from the Editor:

Welcome to The Imaging Buffet! I look forward to making this an informative and entertaining place for anyone with an interest in digital imaging, photography, music or motion pictures. Each monthly issue (delivered in the first 10 days of each month), will feature a podcast, with supporting text and links to items mentioned on the audio program. Later every month another podcast will be added in the form of a TV and/or movie review by Queen B, who plays my wife in real life.

There are so many photographers and other artists whom I’ve worked with and learned from over the years, and I would like to thank the many podcasters who have paved the way for me to be a part of this amazing communication method.

I especially would like to thank my whole family, and of course my wife, Queen B, who is also a part of the show and who has always supported my goals and dreams.


Andrew Darlow
The Imaging Buffet


APPETIZER: What The Buffet Is All About

FIRST COURSE: Interview With Harald Johnson

For our first show, I interviewed Harald Johnson, Author of Mastering Digital Printing 1st and 2nd Editions. Find Harald’s books here all on one page on Amazon.com. Also visit his informative website: https://www.DPandI.com (Digital Printing and Imaging).

Mentioned during the interview: The DigitalFineArt Yahoo! Groups newsgroup, one of the largest such newsgroups on the internet, founded by Harald Johnson, and nearing 7,000 members.

SECOND COURSE: Interview with Ruth Knoll

For our second course, I interviewed Ruth Knoll, The Original Photoshop Widow (and wife of Thomas Knoll), co-inventor of Photoshop, about the Photoshop Soup2Nuts Summer Event (June 23rd/24th, 2006): https://www.photoshopsoup2nuts.com (see post below for more info and links). Below is a link to a great online interview with both Ruth and Thomas Knoll about the event: https://tinyurl.com/o6a5d

DESSERT: Podcast Shoutouts & Recommendations

This is the part of the show where I say thank you to podcasters who I respect and whose shows I listen to regularly. I’m going in order of my iTunes podcast window, so the first is C.C Chapman’s Accident Hash (https://accidenthash.podshow.com) and the U-Turn Cafe (https://u-turncafe.podshow.com). C.C.’s podcasts are absolutely fantastic, with a mix of great independant music. C.C. just talks about his life as though the listener is in the same room with him, which makes it even more captivating.

He’s definitely a super cool home fry (listen and find out exactly what that means)!


iTunes Tip: Subscribe to Podcasts Faster & Easier


Here’s a quick tip that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else (though it’s very possible that this tip has been published because it’s so simple). Have you ever tried to subscribe to multiple Podcasts in iTunes and found yourself going back and forth to the Podcast Directory after clicking on each podcast’s subscribe button? Instead, just double click on the Purple podcast icon in the iTunes Source Menu (circled in red).

Then click on the “Podcast Directory” link in the bottom of your Podcast menu (circled in blue). Then choose podcasts, one by one from the Directory, and they will be added to your list of podcasts, without forcing you to select the directory link each time. I like to place the windows side by side for maximum effectiveness.


In this first podcast, I played a phenomenal song that I first heard on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code. It’s Kevin Reeves’ “Shine.” Check it out at https://music.podshow.com (search for Kevin Reeves). Or go directly to Kevin’s site, https://www.kevinreeves.net. Another one of his songs, Mother (also recently played on the Daily Source Code) is also fantastic.

Guest Survey

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Happy Imaging!

Andrew Darlow
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