Tips and images by Chris Ranier at Kingston’s “Icons of Photography” Website

A few months ago, I posted a story about the Kingston Icon’s of Photography program and Website. I think the site is an excellent resource, filled with captivating images, as well as tips and techniques from some of the world’s most well-known photographers. To read my overview of the site, with a description for how I like to navigate through it, visit this page.

This month’s featured Kingston Icon is National Geographic photographer Chris Ranier. Rainier’s life mission has been to document the world’s disappearing tribes and cultures. Under the Techniques section, Ranier shares his thoughts about a number of topics, including B&W vs. color, tips for working in remote areas, the importance of backgrounds and other advice. He also tells a story about how his Hasselblad ended up floating down a river during a portrait shoot in New Guinea (that must have hurt).

Picture 1.jpg

Other Kingston “Icons of Photography” include: Harry Benson, Barbara Bordnick, Colin Finlay, Douglas Kirkland, Gerd Ludwig and Peter Read Miller.

Direct link to Chris Ranier’s gallery on the Kingston Icons Website.