Photoshop Tips & Techniques Lecture 4/11/2009 in New Jersey

This announcement is for an upcoming Photoshop CS4 Tips and Tricks
lecture/demonstration with Mark Beckelman and me, being held Sat.
April 11, 2009 from 4-8pm at Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ.

In this four hour lecture-style workshop, professional photographer
and retoucher Mark Beckelman will cover the following:

– Four in CS4 – the four new features you must know!
– Professional RAW workflow using Bridge, Lightroom and Adobe
Camera RAW
– Working with Smart Objects
– Portrait retouching techniques
– Adding drama and creative interpretation to your images

Some examples of Mark Beckelman’s retouching:

Photography and retouching © Mark Beckelman

Before (Left) and After (Right) Photography © Bruce Byers, retouching by Mark Beckelman

Before (Right) and After (Left) Photo © Linde Waidhofer, retouching by Mark Beckelman

Multiple “head swaps” of a family portrait – Photography and retouching © Mark Beckelman

A composite image made from the two images shown. Photography and retouching © Mark Beckelman

Optional: For an additional $49, you may submit one image of your choice (or two images if you have a composite)
and Mark Beckelman will spend at least 15 minutes retouching it during the lecture. Images must be sent at least one day in advance via e-mail (instructions will be sent to you).

I’ll be covering printing tips with CS4 for about 45 minutes during the 4 hour event.

For more info, and to take advantage of a $20 discount off the $89 price of the event, visit this page to sign up for my free Inkjet & Imaging Tips Newsletter. You will receive a link to the event with the code embedded.

The main info/registration page for the event is:

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Brochure Design - April 7, 2009

Thanks for the announcement. The topics to be discussed at the lecture will be very helpful to all photographers out there.

Fashion photographer - April 9, 2009

It is a very nice collection of photograph.
Thanks for the post.
keep sharing.

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