Recent Tips and Art Resources Column (plus archives) on RedDogJournal.com

I recently wrote another column at RedDogJournal.com that I thought might be of interest. I generally write a column for their site every other week. In it I often offer printing tips and techniques, and other areas I highlight include: photo-related events; learning resources; exhibitions; talks and photo contests. For example, a tip from my most recent column is titled: Quick Printing Tip: How to Place Images Perfectly Every Time.


The most recent column can be found here:

Also, by changing the number above from 27 to a lower number (1 to 26) like this:
https://reddogjournal.com/darlow-26.php you can find all 27 of the columns I’ve written over the last year and a half.

And if you’d like to receive the newsletter portion related to fine-art photography (those news items are not available at this time online-only through the newsletter), you can sign up here for free (I highly recommend it):