A Winter Image and Inspirational Thoughts by Photographer and Digital Photo Academy Instructor Frank Siteman

I’m very happy to announce that periodically, The Imaging Buffet will be highlighting images, tips and insights from instructors at Digital Photo Academy. Digital Photo Academy offers live weekend photography classes in approximately 20 cities across the United States each month. This month, we’re highlighting an image from Boston-based Photographer Frank Siteman, one of the 100+ Digital Photo Academy instructors. With winter coming soon (hopefully not too soon!), Frank’s image and tip to capture a snowy evening can serve as inspiration:

photo © Frank Siteman, All Rights Reserved (click for a larger version)

“This image was made while I was working on a motion picture in Woodstock, VT in the late spring.  One of my assignments was to shoot footage for the opening sequence and to scout locations.  Driving around snow-covered muddy roads was a challenge, but finding beauty in the early morning was anything but.

I found this house, enveloped by a wet sticky snow, before 5AM, and being the only vehicle out at that time… and a stranger to boot, drew attention.  It was just what was needed to create a human touch to offset the cold and somewhat forbidding environment. Daylight color balance assured the light from the inside of the home would be very warm and since the sun was hours away from rising, the daylight, like the day itself, remained a very cool blue.  This intense contrast of those complimentary colors, as well as the web of snow covered tree limbs worked well to create an atmosphere of intrigue.  This image, with the person peering from behind a curtain, presents an unknown story, and in doing so, maintains interest for the viewer.  Who’s looking at whom?

Using a 20mm wide angle lens, I  hand-held my camera for a 1/30th sec exposure at f/4, at ISO 100.”

You can learn more about Frank, and check out some of his other images on the Digital Photo Academy site by visiting this page: https://digitalphotoacademy.com/portfolio/frank-siteman/

Please note: The Imaging Buffet receives no compensation for bringing these images and tips to you, and we have full editorial control over the content. As a part of our relationship with Digital Photo Academy, you will find information about The Imaging Buffet and upcoming workshops and events on their website.


P J ALBERT - November 4, 2014

This image taken at Woodstock, VT is lovely.

Gary - March 28, 2015

This guy has more guts than me. I guess that’s probably why I won’t ever take a photograph like this. Not only was he out and about at 5am but it had to be freezing. You are an inspiration Frank!

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