Adobe CS4 Launch Broadcast Video Available On-Demand

1700 Person Years of Work. That’s what I learned went into the making of the updated Adobe Creative Suite 4 applications when I watched the one hour Adobe Launch Webcast last week. I enjoyed the presentation and learned some things about the upgrades that I found to be very impressive. For example, in Adobe Premier Pro CS4, there is a text video search option that allows you to search text that is converted from the speech in the audio track of a video. It was described as a Karaoke-like search because you can watch the text being highlighted as the actor speaks. That part starts at about minute 24.

You can view the Adobe Creative Suite 4 video webcast on-demand below (You may want to turn your speakers down-it’s a pretty powerful intro!)

Throughout the video, a number of industry pros demonstrated how they are now using the CS4 apps, which was very interesting. The demo reels alone are worth a look. Some other interesting items covered in the video:

-There are hundreds of new features across the Suite.
-There are 6 suites: 2 Web; 2 Design; 1 Video and 1 Master Collection
-The apps are now available in 19 languages, and are being sold in 178 countries.
-There are new 3D controls in Photoshop CS4 Extended, and they are demonstrated as well.
-You can now also export a PDF from Adobe Fireworks CS4.
-Dreamweaver CS4’s new CSS styles footer which helps to work with CSS web designs.
-A 442 Megapixel image (2.2GB in size) was moved around effortlessly on-screen in Photoshop CS4.You can also view the video on Adobe TV at this link. I also recommend checking out the many free training videos on Adobe TV. There, you’ll find coverage of helpful info like interface changes in Photoshop CS4.

According to Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen, this is “the biggest launch in Adobe’s history.” I wonder how many hours are in 1700 Person Years of Work? Feel free to do the math and please let me know. My calculator is in the shop for repairs :). I wonder if I can figure that out in Photoshop CS4? I may have to convert it to pixels first.

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