now allowing video reviews on many items

I just took a look at a product page for the book I recently completed, and noticed that Amazon is now allowing people to upload video reviews of products (including books, as far as I can tell). I didn’t see the option for DVDs though (I can envision the fans of sci-fi flicks dressing up to review their favorite movies).

I think that these video reviews will be very interesting. I could not find a press release for the new service on’s press release page, but there may be some official announcement for it somewhere online.


(Above) Screen grab from a book’s description page on

I searched a bit on and found a video review, posted on October 3, 2007, for a Panasonic wireless network camera (he called it a “nanny cam”). You can find that video review here. The reviewer is Shawn Collins from; he has a very good site with many reviews of gadgets, books and other items.