Aperture Nature Photography Workshops First Expedition: Sep. 24-27, 2008

The Aperture Nature Photography Workshops first expedition is happening September 24-27, 2008 at Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. This trip is just one of four unique workshops being held at Olympic, Tetons, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks. The event pairs four amateur photographers with four pros in some of the most beautiful locations on earth. The collective works of the photographers involved will be included in a new book published by Peachpit Press, with some proceeds going to a photographic charity.

The amateur photographers who attend were selected in a nationwide contest, and each photographer (professional and amateur), will spend time in the field shooting as well as time in the classroom using Apple Aperture to sort, keyword, rate, edit and share their work. To see the winning entries, which are truly stunning, visit this page.

The event’s media sponsor is one of my favorite podcasts and websites: This Week in Photography, and the corporate sponsors are as follows:

In addition, photographer Lisa Bettany will be reporting on the first expedition to the Tetons.

For more info about how to keep updated on this expedition as well details about how you can enter the contest, visit the event’s main site at https://aperturenatureworkshops.com.


timsdd - September 25, 2008

grrr, I need to pay attention to the contests! Of course I would have been hard pressed to attend the workshops but still 😀

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