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New Online Gallery and 100 Year Anniversary of Professional Photographer Magazine

I subscribe to Professional Photographer Magazine and Professional Photographer Magazine’s e-mail list, and I just received some interesting info through the e-mail list to share. I’ve been to about 20 PPA (Professional Photographers of America)-related conferences and seminars over the last 10 years, and for me, one of the most enjoyable parts of being at the state and national conventions has been seeing the competition prints. They are all sized to approximately 16×20 inches, and the range of photography I’ve seen at every convention is tremendous, including: portraits; sports; weddings; landscapes; still-life; industrial/corporate; and many other specialties.

On Professional Photographer Online, they’ve posted a new online gallery of award-winning PPA Loan Collection images from years past. What’s really special about the gallery is the story that accompanies each image. You can read how each was captured, and what equipment and techniques were used by each photographer. This makes it not just a showcase for great work, but also a fantastic learning tool.


Here’s a tip for using the gallery: After clicking on an image in the gallery, you should allow it to open completely, or the images may get stacked up on each other, requiring you to click the top right box in each image to close each window. That can then cause problems with reading the text when hovering over the images. The images load fast, so you probably won’t ever experience this issue. To avoid the issue completely, just wait for each image to load, which takes about a second or two. According to the newsletter, more images will be added to the gallery in the upcoming months.

I also highly recommend the printed version of Professional Photographer magazine. I’m a subscriber, and I believe that any photographer, whether or not they are a working pro can learn and be inspired from the photographer profiles, techniques, product reviews, news and technical advice that is in every issue. The most recent issue (February 2007) is especially good. The subscription price for 12 issues is under $20, which is a great value, and the most recent issue was over 130 pages. This year is the magazine’s 100th anniversary, which is quite an achievement for any publication. I plan to highlight other imaging magazines in the upcoming months, because I feel so strongly about their value to image-makers of all levels.

There are also many articles available on the Professional Photographer site, including this excellent article and online gallery featuring the work of celebrity photographer Greg Gorman.

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The Imaging Buffet Podcast 005-Interview with Colin Finlay




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Hello again! In this episode of The Imaging Buffet I continue with a special series of interviews following the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. This interview is with award-winning documentary photographer Colin Finlay. For the last 17 years, Colin has produced images in countries experiencing severe crises, including famine, war, and genocide. His commercial work (still imagery and video) can be found worldwide in major magazines and other media. During the interview, Colin speaks about a number of his past and current projects, upcoming workshops and exhibitions, as well as his recently released book, Testify. Many of the images from the book can be seen on his website and on the Zuma Press site.


The cover of Colin Finlay’s newest book, Testify

Colin also discusses his participation in Project: Photoshop Lightroom, a two-day hands-on educational program taking place across the United States at 25 colleges and universities. The program is comprised of a lecture, workshop and on-location shooting session with Finlay. Adobe Senior Evangelist Julieanne Kost has also been playing a major role in the nationwide program, giving workshops on Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, and also working with students to produce images for their slide show presentations. Much more information, including all the slide shows (they are absolutely fantastic in my opinion) can be found on the project’s website.



Colin Finlay (above) and Julieanne Kost (below) working with students during one of the Project: Photoshop Lightroom two day programs. Photographs by Ken Chan.

In addition, Finlay mentions upcoming workshops that he will be giving at FOTOfusion in Florida (January 16-20, 2007) as well as an exhibition at the new FiftyCrows Gallery on 49 Geary St. in San Francisco.

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Tamron’s ‘It’s a Wild World’ Contest Gallery & Tamron’s Pro Learning Center

Tamron USA, Inc. recently announced the winners of their “It’s a Wild World” photo contest. The Grand Prize winning image, “The Curious Turtle” was shot by John Beveridge of Austin, Texas: “Getting this ant’s-eye view of the turtle wasn’t easy,” notes Beveridge. “I’m sure I must have looked slightly ridiculous wiggling around in a patch of dirt on the side of the highway as I followed this cute critter with my Canon EOS 20D fitted with a Tamron SP 28-75mm f/2.8 Di lens. Finally I got the composition I wanted when the turtle craned his neck and peered at me, and I shot the winning picture at about 70mm at f/5.6 at 1/200 sec.”

Mr. Beveridge received a Tamron AF18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di-II Aspherical (IF) Macro zoom lens and will have his winning picture showcased in Tamron’s Viewfinder newsletter and in the Gallery section Tamron’s website.


“It’s a Wild World” winners gallery, showcasing John Beveridge’s Grand Prize winning image.

To see a gallery of the top 20 favorites, visit this page.

There is also an excellent collection of images, tutorials and tips on the Tamron Pro Learning Center, which can be found here.

And if that’s not enough imagery for you, here is another link to additional image galleries on Tamron’s website.