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Hello again! In this episode of The Imaging Buffet I continue with a special series of interviews following the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. This interview is with award-winning documentary photographer Colin Finlay. For the last 17 years, Colin has produced images in countries experiencing severe crises, including famine, war, and genocide. His commercial work (still imagery and video) can be found worldwide in major magazines and other media. During the interview, Colin speaks about a number of his past and current projects, upcoming workshops and exhibitions, as well as his recently released book, Testify. Many of the images from the book can be seen on his website and on the Zuma Press site.


The cover of Colin Finlay’s newest book, Testify

Colin also discusses his participation in Project: Photoshop Lightroom, a two-day hands-on educational program taking place across the United States at 25 colleges and universities. The program is comprised of a lecture, workshop and on-location shooting session with Finlay. Adobe Senior Evangelist Julieanne Kost has also been playing a major role in the nationwide program, giving workshops on Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, and also working with students to produce images for their slide show presentations. Much more information, including all the slide shows (they are absolutely fantastic in my opinion) can be found on the project’s website.



Colin Finlay (above) and Julieanne Kost (below) working with students during one of the Project: Photoshop Lightroom two day programs. Photographs by Ken Chan.

In addition, Finlay mentions upcoming workshops that he will be giving at FOTOfusion in Florida (January 16-20, 2007) as well as an exhibition at the new FiftyCrows Gallery on 49 Geary St. in San Francisco.

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