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PIX 2015 Photo Show Arrives in Seattle with Free Live Streaming (and Live Sessions)

I always enjoy sharing events like this one. And even though I’ve shared this event on my Facebook page and Twitter feed, this event offers so much that I wanted to share it here on as well.

Screen 2015-10-06 at 10.38.33 AM

PIX 2015  is a live and online photo trade show and learning event happening 10/6 and 10/7/2015 in Seattle, Washington. Registration for the live sessions ranges from about $10-30 depending on whether you plan to attend just a single session or for a full day. There is no charge to view the streaming sessions.

The show is being presented by DPReview (, in association with and the Photo Marketing Association.

There are many speakers who are presenting who I respect highly and know well either personally or through the content they’ve been sharing (books, online videos, podcasts, etc.) over the years. Here are just a few, with links to their speaker info pages on the site: C.C. Chapman, Tim Grey, Joe McNally, Ibarionex PerelloRick Sammon, and Brian Smith.

For more information or to view the sessions live on 10/6 or 10/7, visit



New PDF Guide on How to Manage Your Media Cards and an Additional Quick Tip

I’m very happy to announce a new PDF guide that I recently wrote for a fantastic photo tips website called

Screen 2015-08-26 at 3.09.30 PM

Front cover of the PDF Guide, available free for download from Shown on the front of the guide is the Wedding Photographer Vest from It’s a product I use a lot, and I highly recommend their vests for safely and securely carrying cameras, media cards and a whole lot more.

In the free guide, I cover some of my favorite strategies for managing those amazing (but easy to lose) devices called media cards. If you’ve ever had to lug around large numbers of 35mm or 120mm film canisters (each holding a maximum of about 36 exposures), you will know why I think media cards are so special. However, managing those cards can be tricky, so I tackled the subject in detail.

In the guide, I also mention specific products that I use and recommend to help manage your cards at home and on the go.


After writing the article, I realized that I could clarify the meaning of the words “Full” and “Empty,” which I write on my card holders. So I added the following text to my media card holders (“Ready for Camera” and “Ready for Download”), as you can see in the photo below:

Two of my SD card cases with some extra type added. The text help clarify what "Empty" and "Full" mean. For much more on this, see the PDF guide linked below.

Two of my SD card cases with some extra type added. The “Ready 4 Camera” and “Ready 4 Download” text helps clarify the meaning of the words “Empty” and “Full.”. For much more on this, see the PDF guide linked below.

Now, it’s even more clear which case I open when I need a “new” card for my camera (the EMPTY Case), and it’s also more clear now which case I open when I am done with a card and still need to download it to my computer (the FULL case).

Another quick tip: Most photographers know this, but once you are ready to reformat your card, you should do that in the camera (every camera has a procedure for doing that), instead of formatting the card using a computer, and instead of deleting the files on the card.

To download and read the full guide, visit this page:

On, you’ll also find many other  free and fee-based photo tips guides.

Also, if you are located in the New Jersey/NYC-metro area, or if you’d like to travel there for workshops and other photo events, please visit this page and consider joining our free MEETUP GROUP: The Art of Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom.

BookCon 2015 Returns to NYC 5/30-31 – Tips for Navigating the Show and Links

Love Books? I know I do. For the last three years I’ve been attending the BEA (Book Expo America), which is primarily an industry show for the book business. Last year, someone got the idea of running a consumer book show akin to Comic Con, which is a huge event that celebrates all things related to the comic book industry, held annually in multiple cities. I must say that it was a very good idea! Last year’s BookCon show was packed with people celebrating the very wide world of literature, from romance novels to stunning photography picture books (I personally favor these over the romance novels, but that’s just me).


BookCon will be returning to the Jacob Javits Center in New York City on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, 2015. Last year was the first running of BookCon, and it was held on one day, but this year (undoubtably due to its success), it’s running for two days.


One of the entrances to Book Expo America 2015 (same location as BookCon 2015). I think Snoopy is starring in a new movie and some new books too!  Photo © Andrew Darlow.

There are panel discussions, author interviews on a big stage and in conference rooms, as well as many, many book signings. One of my favorite interviews/presentations last year was with author and photographer Brandon Stanton of Humans of New YorkBrandon is returning this year, and here’s a link to Brandon’s presentation and poster signing schedule at the 2015 show. I also got to see Grumpy Cat up close, which she didn’t appear too excited about, but I didn’t take it personally :).

Children's Books at BEA/BookCon

An example of what you’ll find at some of the booths at Book Expo America and BookCon. Booth Photo © Andrew Darlow. For more information about this vendor, visit Beaver Books.

A Few Tips for Navigating the Show

Walking the show floor without a plan can be overwhelming, so I recommend taking a look at what’s happening at the show, then decide which talks/booths you’d like to visit. If you want to get a book signed by a specific author, you can bring your own copy (they may or may not have copies of the book available that you’d like to own).

BookCon Ticket Information

BookCon Adult Tickets for Saturday are $35 when purchased online prior to the show and $45 when bought onsite. Sunday tickets for adults are $30 when purchased online prior to the show and $40 when bought onsite. And as I noted last year, definitely consider bringing the kids! A good portion of the show contains children’s books, games, etc. Tickets for children 6-12 are just $5. If last year is any indication of the attendance, I would recommend purchasing tickets in advance. It’s a good way to reduce wait times when you pick up your badge for the show, and to avoid the possibility of it being sold out. I noticed that all the VIP tickets are already sold out for this year’s show.

Viva le Book!

BookCon 2015 Quick Links

Main Show Page
General Info/FAQs
Link to Buy Tickets
BookCon Twitter Feed
BookCon’s Facebook Page


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