New PDF Guide on How to Manage Your Media Cards and an Additional Quick Tip

I’m very happy to announce a new PDF guide that I recently wrote for a fantastic photo tips website called Photzy.com.

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Front cover of the PDF Guide, available free for download from Photzy.com. Shown on the front of the guide is the Wedding Photographer Vest from TheVestGuy.com. It’s a product I use a lot, and I highly recommend their vests for safely and securely carrying cameras, media cards and a whole lot more.

In the free guide, I cover some of my favorite strategies for managing those amazing (but easy to lose) devices called media cards. If you’ve ever had to lug around large numbers of 35mm or 120mm film canisters (each holding a maximum of about 36 exposures), you will know why I think media cards are so special. However, managing those cards can be tricky, so I tackled the subject in detail.

In the guide, I also mention specific products that I use and recommend to help manage your cards at home and on the go.


After writing the article, I realized that I could clarify the meaning of the words “Full” and “Empty,” which I write on my card holders. So I added the following text to my media card holders (“Ready for Camera” and “Ready for Download”), as you can see in the photo below:

Two of my SD card cases with some extra type added. The text help clarify what "Empty" and "Full" mean. For much more on this, see the PDF guide linked below.

Two of my SD card cases with some extra type added. The “Ready 4 Camera” and “Ready 4 Download” text helps clarify the meaning of the words “Empty” and “Full.”. For much more on this, see the PDF guide linked below.

Now, it’s even more clear which case I open when I need a “new” card for my camera (the EMPTY Case), and it’s also more clear now which case I open when I am done with a card and still need to download it to my computer (the FULL case).

Another quick tip: Most photographers know this, but once you are ready to reformat your card, you should do that in the camera (every camera has a procedure for doing that), instead of formatting the card using a computer, and instead of deleting the files on the card.

To download and read the full guide, visit this page: https://photzy.com/free-guide-managing-media-cards/

On photzy.com, you’ll also find many other  free and fee-based photo tips guides.

Also, if you are located in the New Jersey/NYC-metro area, or if you’d like to travel there for workshops and other photo events, please visit this page and consider joining our free MEETUP GROUP: The Art of Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom.


George Ross Photography - September 11, 2015

The vest caught my eye. I have a cotton carrier vest but I perspire way too much. Is that just a me thing or do you suffer from the same.

I would love to use a vest for my wedding but my biology seems to work against me 🙂

Kind regards,


Andrew - September 22, 2015

Hi George: The Wedding Photographer’s Vest in the photo has a lot of mesh on it, so it doesn’t contribute much added heat. It may even allow you to wear less formal clothing under it, which can help keep you cooler (especially if you don’t have to wear a sport jacket or tuxedo jacket.

All the best,

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