Facebook Improves Timeline Post Viewing on Facebook Pages

I woke up this morning, posted something to my Facebook Business Page, and was happily surprised. After expressing my thoughts on Facebook and some blogs about a little blue box that would “hide” recent content on my Page (see screen shot below), all of my recent posts and images that I now see on my Page are lining up nicely, and all older stories are loading nicely as I scroll down the page. Hooray! This is just my observation and your milage may vary. However, I checked a few other Business Pages and they appear to have the same updates and functionality.

This is a screen shot of my original post that expressed my thoughts on the old Facebook Page format:

The previous Facebook Timeline layout would "hide" recent posts behind a small blue button.

The previous Facebook Timeline layout would "hide" recent posts behind a small blue button that read "See More Recent Stories.".

This is important to me (and I would guess many others), because it was so easy to just skip over that little blue box, thus missing out on many stories, links, etc. from the recent past. In essence, the old approach made me feel as though I was wasting my time sharing information about which I was passionate.

Thanks Facebook. I’d like to think I was part of this decision, but it really doesn’t matter who gets credit for it (maybe Mark Zuckerberg has me on his “must read list.”) This may just inspire me to upgrade my personal page to the Timeline format. But wait, I may not have a choice, as per this Techcrunch article.

If you’d like to see what I’m seeing now on Facebook Fan/Business pages, feel free to visit my Page. My Facebook Photo and Printing Tips Page has over 1000 posts on the topics of Photo and Printing Tips, links to images that impress me, photos from events I attend, and more. You can find it here: https://facebook.com/andrewdarlow.

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ronaldjohn - August 3, 2012

This is a good news for Facebook users. It seems, that timeline has made facebook surfing a little complicated but more informative than ever before.
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best digital photo frame - August 27, 2012

Time aline has really helped also it made some confusion at first but everyone got used to it I want to ask if there was a new message system for facebook users ? thanks in advance

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