Founder of The Center for Fine Art Photography, Larry Padgett, Starts Consulting/Marketing Business for Photographers

Many people who read The Imaging Buffet know that I’ve been involved in a number of ways with The Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO. I am a member of The Center’s Ambassador’s Circle, which is a group of volunteers who help to share information about events and calls for entry. I was also the juror for two shows (you can read the articles about them here and here), and I conducted a lecture about inkjet tips, printers and papers a few years ago in conjunction with The Center.

The founder of The Center for Fine Art Photography, Larry Padgett, recently stepped down as The Center’s Executive Director to focus on consulting and marketing services for photographers. I’ve had many positive experiences working with Larry over the last few years, and I believe that he has a lot of experience and knowledge to offer photographers. Below is a portion of the press release containing additional info:

Larry Padgett, founder of The Center for Fine Art Photography, has recently begun offering his knowledge and expertise in business development, marketing and sales to photographers. With more than 30 years experience, of which the past 15 years have been concentrated in photography, Larry offers a wealth of practical guidance for emerging and established photographers.

Larry provides one-on-one consulting, lectures and workshops for those who want to increase their sales and visibility. He also offers workshops on Internet marketing. During his five-year tenure with the Center, he quickly established its Google page rank to 6 out of 10, and within the top 10 returns in excess of 65 million for fine art photography.

Dedicated to helping fine art and commercial photographers achieve their goals, Larry provides guidance in integrating imagery, marketing materials and sales strategies tailored to the specific needs, resources and personalities of his clients. He easily relates to the challenges of being a successful photographer having spent more than ten years as a successful commercial and fine art photographer

For more information about Larry Padgett and his services, visit PhotoBizGuru.com.


marjorie Nichols - April 21, 2013

the photo biz guru link does not seem to go to your site.
was interested in reading about your workshops.

thanks, marjorie

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