Free Event On Metadata in NYC 6/22/2009-Registration Required

I just noticed that this event is happening this evening in New York City and I thought I’d share the info. It looks to be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the importance of metadata. I know a number of the presenters and consider them to be true experts in the field.

Presenters include:

David Riecks
Allen Murabayashi
Chris Owyoung
Lou Manna
Garfield Hall

Below is some of the text from the event promo that was sent to me:

getMETAsmart NEW YORK!

June 22 / 4:45 to 9:00pm
School of the Visual Arts Theatre, 333 W. 23rd Street.

Please note that the new SVA theatre is located between 8th and 9th Ave on 23rd at the previous Clearview Cinema, not the amphitheater on the east side.

Register now at

This is a free event with reservations accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Register now to ensure your place and in order to be eligible for drawings of valuable software and services from Adobe, Microsoft, Camera Bits and Photoshelter.

Are you meta-smart?
If you create, distribute or use digital photos, you’d better be!

To protect your copyrights … To make money licensing photography … To smooth your workflow … To track image use … To find images you need … To find them again … You need to understand and use photo metadata.

We can help.

The Stock Artists Alliance, partnered with the Library of Congress and supported by industry partners, is on a mission to promote industrywide use of standard photo metadata in every digital image file.

Join us for at this free evening event and learn how to make metadata work for you to better protect your copyrights, support your licensing efforts, smooth your workflow, and better manage your digital assets.

We’ll show you why a meta-smart workflow is so critical, and share best practices, methods, and tips that make it easy to embed metadata.

These events are free but space is limited so reserve your place now!

About The Stock Artists Alliance

The Stock Artists Alliance is the only trade association focused on the business of stock photography. Learn more about SAA at

Update: I just noticed that the event is part of a series that has been occuring in other cities, with the following two remaining: