Free Lightroom 2 Videos and New DVD on PhotoshopCafe.com

After adding PhotoshopCafe’s Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Learning Site to the list of items in the Related Links section of my last post, I then viewed four of the free videos that are now available on the site. They cover Dual Monitors, Photoshop Integration, Smart Collections, and Local Adjustments. They are each under 8 minutes long and I found them to be very well produced, and easy to understand. To go directly to the page where you can view the videos, visit this page.

Screen capture from the free sample Lightroom 2 video section on PhotoshopCafe.com

I’ve learned a lot over the last 3-4 years from Colin Smith, who runs PhotoshopCafe.com and who has produced virtually all the training on the site, including the Lightroom 2 DVD. He’s a great teacher and a talented artist. I found the Smart Collections overview particularly interesting and well produced. The full DVD (downloadable or in physical DVD format) costs $99, runs about 7 hours and has 91 separate movies. All the source files are also included, which really helps to make the training easier to follow.

To view a text overview of the Lightroom 2 training DVD visit this page.

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It is a very good tutorial which is I need it. Thanks.

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