Great Article/Checklist on TWiPphoto.com on How to Unbox a New Camera

I just read a great article by Scott Bourne of TWiPphoto.com about how to unbox a new camera. I think that posts like this are outstanding and rarely covered because they are not necessarily “sexy.”

To add a small item on a related subject, I think that testing all the lenses you own with the camera on a tripod, shooting at a map or other flat object using autofocus at a fairly wide open aperture (f4 or f5.6) in good lighting can help to determine if the sensor and lens are properly in sync with regard to focus (many lenses have “issues” in one or more of the corners of the frame, which can show up as slight blurriness/darkening/chromatic aberrations). If all your lenses show a problem (such as blurriness in the same area), that may point to a problem with the sensor.

You can read Scott’s 15 steps here on TWiPphoto.com. The comments from readers/listeners of the site are also always worth a look.


Linda McRae - April 21, 2009

The article above points to https://twipphoto.com/archives/3124, but this link is not working. I get a page cannot be found error. Did Scott recently change his TWIPhoto blog to a different domain name (seem to recall seeing a twitter update from him about that).

Andrew - April 21, 2009

Hi Linda:

You are correct! Here is the new link:
All the best!


Linda McRae - May 10, 2009

Thanks Andrew. The new link works. Read the blog entry, and thoroughly enjoyed the reader comments posted there! LOL!!

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