Great Story by a Tech Journalist Contemplating Solar Power for His Home

I just came across this story on by editor Loyd Case. With the number of computers, lights, chargers, air conditioning units, wine bottle chillers, and other power-hungry gadgets that photographers and other imaging professionals use, I thought that this would be an interesting story for our readers. After reading this, as well as a number of other stories about solar and wind technology, I truly believe that even with today’s technology, much of the world’s population that receives a significant amount of sun (and/or wind) throughout the year can greatly reduce reliance on coal and other traditional energy sources. How about putting solar panels on windmill blades? I’m sure it’s probably already being done. I’m also curious if the author of the article considered solar shingles. They are put on homes like traditional shingles, and may help to dramatically increase the number of homes that adopt a solar-powered solution.

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