Hands-On Review and Kickstarter info: PeakDesign’s Capture Pro, Slide, Clutch and Anchor Links

If you’ve seen me walking around with my gear over the last year or two, you will probably see my camera hanging off the left side of my chest, supported by a small metal object called the PeakDesign Capture Pro Camera Clip. I originally purchased the product, along with a DUALplate that works with both ARCA style and Manfrotto RC2 Quick Release (QR) Plates via the company’s first Kickstarter campaign, and I absolutely love it. It is very strong, easily supporting my Canon 6D and 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS lens (about 3 lb. combined), and I plan to test an 8 lb. lens soon to see how it fares. It is easy to attach my camera to the clip via the DUALplate, and it’s also very easy to release my camera from the Capture Clip using my opposite hand on the red button. That being said, I often keep the camera attached to me and take photos that way, which was a fantastic revelation when I tested it the first time. Turning the camera to a vertical orientation is a bit more difficult while it is attached, but I manage to make it work. The advantage is that I will never drop the camera this way–I can quickly take a photo and not waste a moment, and the stability of the images is definitely improved.

The company launched its third Kickstarter campaign in July of 2014. Until now, I’ve purchased all of their gear via their two other Kickstarter campaigns and at their booth at the PhotoPlus Expo, but I was very interested in testing their newest gear, so when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing each of their newest products: Slide, Clutch and Anchor Links, I said “definitely!.” I plan to do a more in-depth review of these products soon, but I wanted to make sure I posted this before their Kickstarter campaign ends. In general, you can save at least $10 by purchasing via the Kickstarter campaign, and if the campaign has ended when you read this, the estimated availability of the products can be found on Peak Design’s website.

Here I am hanging out on the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ with a standard backpack and the PeakDesign Capture PRO Camera Clip (it is supporting my Canon EOS 6D and Canon 28-135mm IS lens). I can hardly feel that the camera is there, and I can take photos without even removing the camera from the clip, as I describe in the review (close-up of camera follows).

The small red button you see on the left below my collar is the part you press to release the camera from the PeakDesign Capture PRO Clip.


Let’s start with the PeakDesign Slide. This is a camera strap that uses the company’s Anchor link system (the anchors look like a coin attached to a small rubber band, and fit into a metal fastening device), which is truly a fantastic way to attach gear via a one-finger release that is almost impossible to mistakingly open (unlike some other “plastic click lock” systems I’ve seen). The strap works almost like a camera sling because the material (similar to seat belt material), slides along most clothing very smoothly. The padded strap is extremely well made, easy to adjust and the wide strap makes it very comfortable, even with relatively heavy DSLR/lens combinations (this is user dependent of course, but I could hardly feel my 3 lb. lens/camera combo when using the strap and walking around a studio and outdoors for an hour or so). You have the option of attaching the anchor links to the traditional metal neck strap rings or to one of PeakDesign’s QR plates. I prefer using the metal neck strap rings so that I can leave the QR plate free for mounting on my Manfrotto RC2-compatible tripod heads or monopod with RC2 adapter.

One minor thing I would have liked to see with the Slide is a choice of PeakDesign QR plates (for the Kickstarter campaign, only their ARCAplate is included). It’s really not a big deal for me for two reasons: First, I am not attaching the Slide to a plate at all, so it is just a bonus item that is included. If I did want to attach the Slide to the bottom of my camera, I already have a DUALplate. For those who don’t have a PeakDesign Capture or Capture PRO, which come with a choice of plates, and if you then want to use the Slide and attach the anchor links to the bottom, you’ll just need to purchase a DUALplate (about $30).


Clutch is a new hand strap designed for the side of a camera. It is very nicely designed, and I found it very comfortable to use. It attaches to the right-side metal camera strap ring as well as the bottom of the camera via an anchor link. What I like most about it is that it is easy to tighten by pulling down on the sturdy rubberized part located on the end of the strap. It is also easy to release by just pulling up on the metal ring that has a carabiner on one end.

Anchor Links

Until the announcement of this product. PeakDesign’s Anchor links could only be found integrated into some of their products, including Leash (a lighter-weight camera strap compared with the Slide (but also strong and well-made) and Cuff, a wrist strap (also very well made and a product I like a lot).

Anchor links now allow you to turn any camera strap (or even straps like Guitar Straps (hint, hint!)) into quick-release straps using the very strong, one-hand releasable anchor link system.

New Products Announced: Shell and Capture Bino

PeakDesign also just announced two products, called Shell (a rain and dust cover) and Capture Bino (a binocular holder). See the Kickstarter page for more information.


I’m very impressed by all of PeakDesign’s products that I’ve used so far including their Capture Pro, ProPad, (which acts as support for their Capture plates), DUALplate, Slide, Clutch, and P.O.V. kit. I expect to post at least one more review  in the near future, including a review with video to show how I use the products. If there is one thing I’d like to see changed, it would be having the option to choose between the company’s ARCAplate and DUALplate (or new plate called the PROplate). Hopefully, that will be an option when the products start being sold. I would also like to see even stronger anchor links (maybe reinforced with steel wire). The current material used is very strong (I’ve been using them for years on different cameras), but they can fray, so you need to keep an eye on them.

To visit the company’s Kickstarter page (campaign ends 8/15/2014), visit this page.


Full Disclosure: I received one PeakDesign Slide, Clutch and set of Anchor Links to do this review and to test the products. I  will be keeping them for further testing, reviews, etc. I have not been compensated in any way other than by the receipt of the products for testing.


Bob H - April 1, 2015

I bought mine after I saw your post and I love it. Makes carrying so much more convenient.

Andrew - July 23, 2015

Thanks for commenting Bob! Glad that you like it. I find the product extremely useful, especially when worn on the chest as I demonstrate in the photo.

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