Imaging Buffet Podcast 007 – Special Event: Teleseminar Recording



After a pretty long podcasting break, we’re back with a new show! This one does not have our traditional intro, just a short welcome note from me. It is a recording of a special “Virtual Book Tour” teleseminar that I conducted a few months ago. In it, I answer questions related to inkjet printing from subscribers of the Inkjet and Imaging Tips Newsletter. The show notes with links to more info can be found below:


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• Bill Atkinson’s website (contains many profiles for selected Stylus Pro printers)

• Red River Paper’s website

• Hahnemuhle’s website

• Profile install locations on OSX and on Windows

• Monitor Calibration/Profiling article

• A few affordable and recommended Proofing Papers (in many cases, these are also suitable for fine-art printing):
Matte surface: Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte (Formerly Matte Paper Heavyweight)
-Epson Presentation Paper Matte (Formerly Photo Quality Inkjet Paper) Red River Premium Matte (a double sided version is also available, which allows for two-sided proofing).

Semi-gloss surface: Red River Paper Polar Placid Lite (currently buy one get one free)
Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl

Glossy surface: Kirkland Professional Glossy Photo Inkjet Paper (available only at Costco stores, and not on
Ilford Galerie Smooth Gloss

• Target files for testing your monitor and printer
(see L2.2 on this page) I recommend the PhotoDisc target to begin with.

• Andrew’s calibration file (file available in multiple working spaces)

• Qimage home page

• Canon iPF series of medium and large format printers

• Epson Stylus Pro series of medium and large format printers

• HP Designjet Z2100 and Z3100 printers

• PremierArt Print Shield Spray

• Epson Clearance page on (see right side of site)

• Digital Black and White Yahoo! list

• 17 recommended printing- and photo-related lists/forums

• Shadow/Highlight tool article

• Some interpolation software options

• Link to a 4 page free PDF from 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques: “Printing on Uncoated Papers Using inkAID Coatings”

• CHROMiX ColorThink software (excellent tools for evaluating profiles)

• Article about the word “Giclée” on

• Resolution Chart for Scanning and Printing (PDF)

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