Imaging Site Spotlight 001:

Today I’m launching a new section of The Imaging Buffet entitled Imaging Site Spotlight. At least once a week I’ll highlight a different site which I believe offers good content for photographers and other artists of any level. These will be brief reviews with three sections: Overview, Why I Recommend It, and Suggested Site Links to Get You Started. These sites will also be listed on our Resources and Imaging Links page.


So without further ado, the first Imaging Site Spotlight is

Overview: is a very well-designed site with information and reviews that cover the following subjects: digital cameras, HDTVs, camcorders, laptops, cell phones and much more. The content is a mix of original reviews, tips, and primers, comprehensive FAQ’s, as well as links to information on other sites, such as How to Upgrade the Hard Drive on Your MacBook.

Why I Recommend It: The site is written and edited by people who understand technology and digital photography, and I like the fact that they segment the content for different levels of users. For example, on the homepage, they allow you to choose a “tech level,” with terms like “Tech Confused Dad,” “Digital Grandparent,” and “Born Digital.” After choosing one, you’ll be greeted by a photo and bio of someone who fits that moniker, along with links to some stories selected for that user level.

Suggested Site Links to Get You Started:
The site has an excellent Digital Glossary with definitions of many “tech terms” that are constantly being added to the world’s lexicon. Illustrative images appear when you hover over the camera icons–a very cool feature.

FAQ’s (and answers!) on topics from Camcorders to Wireless Routers
Hands on Review of the Eye-Fi Wireless SD card
-BlingIt software overview for quickly and easily making masks and interesting backgrounds for your digital photos (designed primarily for auction sites like eBay).
Finding Album Artwork for Your iTunes Music
-Printing Wirelessly Using an Apple Airport Express

Additonal Comments: A few months back, I contributed an article for about compact photo printers. It is partially excerpted from my book, 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques. You can read the article here.