Interview with Joel Welsh from StartupNation

A few days ago, I was invited to be interviewed as a guest on the StartupNation community podcast. StartupNation is a radio show, series of podcasts and a website, with articles covering many aspects of starting and maintaining a business. There are forums which I’ve learned quite a lot from, and they just launched the StartupNation Marketplace, where people can list their services, or post their requests for services without any fees. In the podcast, Joel and I discuss some ideas for enhancing the StartupNation site. It was an honor to have been invited and I thank Joel and StartupNation for the opportunity.

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To listen to the podcast, or subscribe to the RSS feed visit this page, or you can download the mp3 by cutting and pasting this link into any browser ( Joel Welsh asked me to choose a few of my favorite songs from the Podsafe Music Network, and at the end of the podcast, you’ll hear Jennifer Richman’s song “Beautiful Girl,” which I first heard on one of my favorite podcasts, C.C. Chapman’s U-Turn Cafe.

There’s a short video on the bottom left of this page which gives a good overview of what StartupNation is all about. The founders of StartupNation are Jeff and Rich Sloan. They wrote a book entitled StartupNation, Open for Business. I’ve read it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get good advice for starting or expanding a business, or for those who have an idea or invention that they believe should be on the market. Jeff and Rich Sloan also do a syndicated radio show, which features interviews with business leaders, questions from budding entrepreneurs and “elevator pitches” from callers.

The podcast feed has many of the recent shows, plus additional podcast-only shows. They recently did an “elevator pitch” contest, which I found entertaining and informative.

There’s an index of radio shows on this page, dating back to January, 2005. In my opinion, the information and suggestions never really go out of date (Napolean Hill is a good example of that).

All the best,