Five Predictions for the Apple Macworld Keynote 1/9/2007

After having a fantastic experience at last year’s Macworld Expo (MWE) in San Francisco (my full 2006 Macworld review can be found in this newsletter), I thought I’d make five predictions for the upcoming Apple Keynote. The Keynote will be presented by Apple Computer’s CEO Steve Jobs on Tuesday 1/9/2007. These are based on some of the patent filings and rumors circulating over the last 6-12 months, combined with my experience using Apple’s products over the last 23 years. If I get even one right, that would be great (if I get two right, that would be even better, and if all five are correct…yeah, right).


MWE 2006: On the way into the Esplanade Ballroom, Moscone Center.

Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved

In between my predictions are some of my photographs from the 2006 Keynote and from the show floor at Macworld Expo. All the photos are available for editorial licensing (more information is at the bottom of this article).

PREDICTION 1: Steve Jobs will wear blue jeans at the Keynote.


Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved

PREDICTION 2: A 120GB iPod with Video will be released in the same form factor as the previous 80GB 5th Gen iPods.


MWE 2006: There was a full house, and the energy level was incredible.
Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved

PREDICTION 3: A MacBook will be released with a 10- to 12-inch wide screen that is a convertible tablet/notebook with a full keyboard and new handwriting recognition software. Battery life will be approx. 8 hours and it will weigh less than 4 pounds. It will have integrated memory card slots, and a retractable cord that will allow it to be quickly hooked up to a monitor, TV or another notebook computer for extra screen real estate.


Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved


MWE 2006: Steve Jobs showing some of the TV content that was added to the iTunes Store.
Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved

PREDICTION 4: A New iPod with Video, using 32GB flash memory will be announced. It will be larger than an iPod Nano, but much smaller than the existing 5th Gen iPods. It will have integrated Bluetooth for data syncing, wireless headphones and cell phone integration. It will have a 2.5″ screen similar to the one used on the existing 5th Gen. iPods.


MWE 2006: Steve Jobs welcoming Roz Ho, General Manager, Microsoft Business Unit on stage.
Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved

PREDICTION 5: OS10.4.9 Tiger and OS10.5 Leopard will be officially released (Leopard on-sale “that day”), along with Apple iLife ’07 and iWork ’07.


MWE 2006: Intel CEO Paul Otellini appearing in a dramatic plume of smoke.
Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved


MWE 2006: Steve Jobs shaking hands with Paul Otellini.
Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved
MWE 2006: Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller demonstrating the iMac and MacBook Pro live using iChat AV3 and both products’ built-in iSight cameras.
Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved
MWE 2006: Apple’s booth on the show floor.
Photograph ©Andrew Darlow, All Rights Reserved

Any blogger or other media representative who would like to write about these predictions and this article may request to use any one of the photos above after receiving permission via e-mail from Andrew Darlow. Please send your request to imaging(at) and you will be contacted promptly with an answer.

For image licensing info, contact Andrew Darlow at imaging(at) or +1-732-742-0123. Thanks, and for those attending, enjoy the big show! The 2007 show looks to be an amazing event. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this year, but I highly recommend visiting the show site. The Digital Lifestyle Experience looks like it will be be a great place for photographers of all levels to hang out.

At Macworld 2007 there will also be a special tribute to noted author Bruce Fraser. More information can be found here.