My PodCamp NYC Experience and 50+ photos

I attended PodCamp NYC on Saturday April 7 and was really impressed by the venue, as well as the quality of the speakers and how well it was organized. There were more than 100 sessions in 12 different rooms, and they ran from 8:45am to about 6pm. It was also a great opportunity for me to catch up with some friends, and make new ones. I put together a photo gallery from some of the sessions I attended on my new Flickr page (yes, it took me this long to open a Flickr account-click on any photo to go to the gallery, which has over 50 images). For more about the history of PodCamp NYC and some thoughts from one of the lead organizers, I recommend visiting Jason Van Orden’s site.


Christopher Penn‘s Marketing 2.1 session at PodCamp NYC2007. I learned a lot about podcast and blog marketing, as well as Search Engine Optimization in this session. Photo ©Andrew Darlow

Jared Klett from being interviewed for at PodCamp NYC2007. Photo ©Andrew Darlow
Jason Van Orden’s session, Podcasting 201: Promoting Your Podcast, at PodCamp NYC2007. Jason always has great info to share and I highly recommend checking out his website and book.
Ask Blip: a Q & A With the creators of – Dina Kaplan and others at PodCamp NYC2007. Photo ©Andrew Darlow

There was an amazing evening performance and CD Release Party featuring Brother Love (who absolutely rocked the house!) Another band who performed (I only heard a bit their performance, which was fantastic) was HER and Kings County. All proceeds from the show, called the Blubrry Jam to fight cystic fibrosis went to the Boomer Esiason Foundation Exercise For Life scholarship fund. For more info about Cystic Fibrosis and the campaign, which is running until May 15th, 2007, visit


Brother Love (a.k.a. BROLO) Photo ©Andrew Darlow

Photo ©Andrew Darlow