My Recent Open Letter Article on File Naming Available on Photofocus.com

After dealing with this issue for years, I recently wrote an article on the topic of in-camera file naming in the form of an Open Letter for the site Photofocus.com . You can find the article here:


If you are interested in this topic and have a chance to read the article, it would be great to get your comments on it. Also, feel free to share the links above, and to retweet the article, please use the retweet button at the bottom of the article on Photofocus.com.


Rob Davidson - September 13, 2010

good suggestion, though personally I don’t like date streams in file names. It would be much simpler for camera manufacturers to simply add two more digits (or even better, 2 letters) to the basic file number. This would avoid duplicate file names for at least 100000 shots, and keep the file names simple.
I use a file name preset in Lightroom that removes all the prefixes and just leaves the file number, and I’d love to not have to worry about repeat after just 1000 shots.

Allen E. Shifrin - September 13, 2010

Instead of appending sequential numbering to the date, why not use the in-camera clock in \

David Neff - September 13, 2010

This file naming system is exactly how camera manufacturers should set up file naming conventions. I am surprised you cannot set up custom naming in camera as you would upon importing onto your computer. Great letter Andrew ! Let\’s hope the camera manufacturers listen to what their customers want.

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