NJ Photographic Educational Conference Starts Off Strong, Continues through April 6

On Friday afternoon and evening (April 4), I attended the NJ Photographic Educational Conference at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. One of the highlights was the keynote lecture by Stephen Perloff, founder and editor of The Photo Review, entitled “Photographic Truth in the Digital Age.” It was fantastic. Blending a superb group of images and illustrations with very descriptive dialog, Perloff covered many of the ways in which photography has been manipulated throughout its history both by actual editing of images, as well by captions and commentary that often accompanies photographs used in the media.

Eric Kunsman, founder of Booksmart Studio (located in Rochester, NY) showing a book of his photographs after his class “The Artist Book.” Photo © Andrew Darlow


Nancy Ori, producer of the conference, introducing Stephen Perloff prior to his keynote lecture: Photographic Truth in the Digital Age. Photo © Andrew Darlow

Stephen Perloff answering a question during his keynote lecture. Photo © Andrew Darlow

He used many examples, including a well-known “doctored” composite photo of John Kerry and Jane Fonda. In another example, Perloff cited two very different text passages describing the same 19th century Gettysburg battlefield photo by Matthew Brady.


Nancy Ori and Stephen Perloff at the faculty photography exhibit opening reception. Photo © Andrew Darlow

I also had a chance to see the faculty show, which is very impressive and contains a wide range of work, including darkroom and digital prints, as well as hand-colored photographic work. The show continues on Saturday and Sunday April 5-6, and many of the workshops, as well as some portfolio reviews, still have seats available. You can register online or in person, and for more info, visit www.njphotoconference.com.

The event is sponsored in part by Epson and The New Jersey Photography Forum.

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