Overview of Connect 2010, the Palm Springs Photo Festival – Happening 3/28 – 4/2, 2010

A few days ago, an update from the Palm Springs Photo Festival 2010 Celebration Program was sent to me. This looks to be an incredible event for advanced amateur and professional photographers, as well as students interested in photography. It will be held from March 28 – April 2, 2010 at Hyatt Regency Suites, Korakia Pensione and The Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, California.


There is a lot planned during the event, including the following workshops from these noted photographers:

The Joel Meyerowitz Master Class: The Search for Artistic Identity
Kenro Izu: The Sacred Landscape
Lynn Johnson: The Documentary Personal Project
Douglas Kirkland: Portraiture Using the 8×10 Camera
Ed Kashi: Visual Storytelling in the Digital Age
Jack Dykinga: Light in the Desert Landscape
Jock Sturges: The Fine Art Nude
Keith Carter: Personal Style – Finding Your Voice
Frank Ockenfels III: The Signature Style Portrait
Antonin Kratochvil: The Psychological Portrait
Linda Connor: The Importance of Sequencing Your Work
Vincent LaForet: The Convergence Factor: Using the Canon 5-D Mark II for Motion
Nels Israelson: Dramatic Lighting for Dramatic Portraiture
Juergen Nogai: The Art of Architecture Photography
Allegra Wilde: Deconstructing Your Portfolio
Laurie Kratochvil and Carol LeFlufy: The Business of Photography

Below is information about the workshops from the organizers: Our Fifth Year Workshop Program offers intense, remarkable classes with world-renowned working photographers and educators. Most are three full days plus a 4th day morning session and begin on March 29. You will spend three and a half days with your fellow students listening, learning, shooting and comparing notes. Your instructor will work with you, demonstrate his or her methods, explore his or her own work and your own. We also offer one day workshops beginning later in the week, allowing you to choose from special lighting and portfolio organization and presentation classes in addition to your principal workshop, seminars and portfolio reviews.

A listing of the seminars being offered is below:

•Understanding Color Spaces, Profiles and Calibration
with X-Rite & Digital Color Expert Eric Magnusson
•Digital Workflow for Fine Printingwith Mac Holbert
•Canon Digital SLR: An Advanced Look at Canon Digital SLR Systems
•Social Media Marketing : Keeping Up With the Competition with Rick Sammon
•Adobe Presents: Creating Pixel-Perfect Photos with Adobe Photoshop
•Blurb Presents: The Photographic Book:
•Editing, Sequencing, Designing, Producing and Marketing Your Work In Print.
•Publishing and Marketing Your Photobook
•Western Digital Presents: Photography & the Printed Word with Colin Finlay
•Apple Presents: The Complete Aperture Primer
•Finding Your Audience: Learn the Essentials of Marketing
•Your Photography with Mary Virginia Swanson
•The Convergence Factor: Storytelling With the New Hybrid Cameras: Produce Multi-Media Documentary Films Incorporating Moving & Still Images with Vincent LaForet
•The D.A.M. Seminar: Digital Asset Management: With The Dam Book author Peter Krogh
•The Business of Photography: Surviving in Today’s Print Media Markets with Laurie Kratochvil & Carol LeFlury
•The Convergence Factor: Storytelling With the New Hybrid Cameras: Produce Multi-Media Documentary Films Incorporating Moving & Still Images with Vincent LaForet
•An Introduction to Using Adobe Premiere
•Final Cut Pro: The Basics with Frank Rohmer

According to the information I received, many of the Seminars are free with your daily registration. Seminars are conducted in the form of a lecture, followed by a Q&A session and a registration fee is required for each day of Seminars.

In addition, each night there will be book signings in the Annenberg Theater after the Evening Presentations:
Monday: Joel Meyerowitz
Tuesday: Frank Ockenfels will sign his one-of-a-kind handmade books
Wednesday: Kenru Izu
Thursday: Ethan Russell

The portfolio reviews also look to be a highlight of the event. Information about Portfolio Reviews at Connect 2010 can be found below:

We will offer over 1000 Portfolio Reviews at Connect 2010! You can choose your reviews each morning at our registration office at the Attendee Headquarter hotel, the Hyatt Regency Suites. See museum curators, gallery directors, ad agency creatives, art directors, photo editors, publishers, educators, noted photographers and other experts. For those registering for Portfolio Reviews, the opportunity of presenting work at our Open Portfolio Review on Sunday, March 28 is free. Take advantage of this great way to have your work seen by hundreds of people including our faculty, the public and other attendees. In addition to the above, our program includes our daily Symposium, our wonderful Evening Presentations, our Networking Parties and more.

For complete details or to register, visit the event’s website.


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