Photography Art Center Raises Funds for Sichuan China Earthquake

At FotoFest 2008 in Houston, Texas, I had the opportunity to meet many photographers from China who are a part of the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, based in Beijing. I will never forget that experience. I learned a lot about the history of China and saw a lot of amazing work in multiple exhibitions by contemporary artists, and artists who worked and lived in the early-to-mid 20th century.

On May 12, 2008, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck China’s Sichuan province, and I recently received the announcement below, which gives a very good overview of a charity benefit auction that helped raise over $80,000 for the China Red Cross’ fund for Sichuan Earthquake Disaster Relief. My heartfelt thoughts go out to all those who have been affected and who continue to suffer in the aftermath of this disaster.


Two weeks after the earthquake struck Sichuan Province, the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre gathered over three hundred artists, donors, volunteers, and friends for a charity benefit. Guests lit candles in memory of the deceased and left prayers for survivors in the guestbook, while the renowned folk musician Zhao Muyang expressed his sympathy with a performance of heartrending San Xian music. In the two hour silent auction, works by artists RongRong&inri, Han Lei, Liu Heungshing, Xiong Wenyun, Les Kiki (Yuki Onodera + Aki Lumi), Wang Binglong, Zhou Tiehai, Chen Qiulin, Gao Bo, Adou, Cai Weidong, Lu Yanpeng, Han Bing, Zhang Baijun, Sun Hongbin, He An, and Rao Linghua, as well as photography classes by the Three Shadows team were auctioned off. The total amount collected through the silent auction was RMB 452,470 (approx $65,000 USD). The amount collected in donations was RMB 86,787.50 (approx $12,500 USD), and charity sales of books and other services collected RMB 24,380 (approx $3,500 USD). By the event’s end, the total amount collected was RMB 563,637.50 (approx $81,000 USD). This entire sum will be donated to China Red Cross’ fund for Sichuan Earthquake Disaster Relief. The amount donated by Three Shadows will be used to build a new primary school in Sichuan.

Over the past ten days, the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre has experienced an international outpouring of support, both from within and outside the artistic arena. Famous artists, writers, musicians, critics, restaurants, and even travel companies donated over 100 items for the benefit. In organizing this event, we’ve seen an amazing unified effort to help earthquake survivors overcome their hardships and rebuild their homes. Three Shadows would like to thank everyone involved!

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