PhotoPlus Expo 2013 Selected Booth Presentation Schedules and Tips for Getting the Most from the Show

As I mentioned in my recent article about the 2013 PhotoPlus International Expo + Conference, being held in New York City this week (10/23-26), there are many opportunities to learn about almost any photo-related topic right on the show floor at exhibitor booths. Here are three specific booth schedules, some links to read more about them, with a few other suggested booths to visit that usually have good presentations:

1. Adorama (Booth #1037) Adorama’s booth serves as a store as well as a place for presentations, and their lineup this year, which you can see below, is very impressive.

2. Canon (Booth #121) Canon’s booth is always huge, and I always enjoy their lineup of speakers. Below is a chart with the schedule of their speaker presentations for the 2013 show.

This year, Canon will be screening movies made with different Canon camera models. In addition to this content, I read this on the press release for the show: “…on Friday, October 25th and Saturday, October 26th the Canon Theater will also feature select films and behind-the-scenes footage from the Canon’s “Project Imaginat10n” Film Festival. Canon U.S.A., Inc. partnered with two-time Academy Award® winner Ron Howard for the “Project Imaginat10n” Film Festival, which will kick off with the global premiere of ten short films at Lincoln Center in New York City on October 24, 2013. For more information visit:

To read the whole release, which includes some excellent information about perks for CPS (Canon Professional Services) members, visit this page.

3. Moab by Legion Paper (Booth #750)

I believe this is the first year that Moab by Legion Paper (makers of many papers, including Entrada Rag and Slickrock Metallic) is having presentations in their booth. Here’s a quick look at the speaker schedule, and you can read the full descriptions in the press release linked below.

Link to a full press release from Moab Paper, which includes descriptions of what each of the speakers will be covering.

4. Unique Photo (Booth #547) Unique Photo’s booth is often filled with people thanks in part to their body-painted models, booth presentations and “trade show store” filled with gear for sale.

Quick Tips for Getting the Most from Booth Presentations at the PhotoPlus Expo

1. Take a photo of the schedule that’s usually posted at exhibitors’ booths with your phone or camera so that you can do some research on the speakers and better schedule your time.

2. If an interesting link or other information comes up on the screen, take a picture of it instead of writing it down.

3. Get to the booth a few minutes early. Many have seating set up, which can make the presentation 10 times better!

Additional Suggested Companies Who Often Have Excellent Booth Presentations

• GraphiStudio (Booth #905)
• Midwest Photo Exchange (Booth #155).
(Last year, Datacolor did a number of good presentations in the Midwest Photo Booth. Check Datacolor’s booth this year (Booth #162) if you are interested in their color management product line.)
• Nikon (Booth #401)
• Sigma (Booth #537)
• Sony (Booth #519)
• Topaz Labs (Booth #267)