Podcast User Magazine Interview

First, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. With the new year came a new issue of Podcast User Magazine. I’ve been reading the magazine for nearly a year, and I highly recommend it. In their January 2007 issue, I was very fortunate to have been interviewed (in text form) for their “Inside the Podcasters’ Studio” section. Thank you to everyone at the magazine for the opportunity to share my story. Podcasting has definitely helped changed my life for the better and I feel very fortunate to have learned from so many others who have shared their experiences and technical know-how.

(above) A composite of the first 12 Podcast User Magazine covers, released over the last 12 months. All but the first two with white backgrounds were designed by Mark Hunter, host of the tartanpodcast and all are available for download at the magazine’s website.

The amount of information in each issue is quite amazing. There are stories about podcasters, reviews of equipment, podcasting news and tips, and much more. The subscription is free and it is available as a PDF download directly or via RSS here.


(above) Some of the people who make Podcast User Magazine possible. Photographed at the Podcast & Portable Media Expo, September, 2006. (left to right) Chuck Tomasi, host of multiple podcasts; Paul Parkinson, Editor of Podcast User Magazine; Ewan Spence, host of TPN Rock; Judy and Paul Hutchinson from TotalPodcastrophe; and Linda Mills. Photo ©Andrew Darlow.

I look forward to reading many more Podcast User Magazines in the upcoming months and years.

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