First, here is a link to an article that has a link to an sRGB and Adobe RGB version of the calibration print that I provided to everyone. I recommend saving the file to a folder called “calibration” and you can then import that file into Lightroom, or open it in Photoshop. You’ll notice that it has an extra black and white section, which I like to use because it helps me to determine if my black and white images are printing with neutral tones.

For links to many more calibration images: see L2.2 here: https://www.inkjettips.com/chapters/chapter-2/

Feel free to send me questions via e-mail. You can reach me through this contact page, or if you’d like to set up a consultation, you can fill out a consulting request form here. If you’d like help via phone, I can view your screen as we work if you’d like, which really makes a difference. Below are some special offers for consulting for attendees of my inkjet paper workshop- sessions must be reserved by 4/13/2012 and used by 7/1/2012 for the special offers.


I’ve helped many people privately via phone or in person, and some of my most popular services include: setting up an easy-to-use image management and backup system; calibrating and profiling monitors;  teaching Lightroom and Photoshop; setting up and calibrating printers; creating custom profiles; printer and color management equipment purchasing advise, etc. I guarantee all of my consulting sessions (if you are not satisfied with the information/training I provide, I will ask to either help you again at no extra charge, or I will refund your investment in my services).

Save 50% off your first hour phone consultation (normally $150/hr), or $75 off a 3 hr. in-person consultation (normally $150/hr, and travel fees may apply).

Printer Profiling Special Offer: I can create a custom profile for just about any paper/printer combination, and I will include up to a 45 minute consultation for just $99 (normally $150). That allows me to help you set everything up so that you can print the target out properly. You then send it to me and I send you back a profile. I will also help you determine the best paper type and paper feed option for your specific paper(s). Each additional profile for additional papers is just $35.

To reserve a session, please send  me a note via this page, or you can call me at 732-742-0123. Sessions must be reserved by 4/13/2012 to qualify for the special offers (a reservation can then be used any time until 7/1/2012).

Also, you can receive free shipping from RedRiverPaper.com on any order over $30 when you use this code at checkout: darlow30. Full disclosure: I have an affiliate relationship with the company, so I will receive a small commission when that code is used.

LIGHTING (Lighting is key for properly evaluating your prints):

I recommend the 50 Watt 4700K/36 degree Solux bulb (the one I used in the workshop that was inside a small fixture) to light your reference prints while looking at your calibrated and profiled screen (and to view your prints compared with your screen). You can buy Solux bulbs here for about $8 ea. https://usalight.com/mr-16-solux-bulbs.html, but if you use the fixture below from Pegasus Lighting, I recommend the Solux bulb with a black back, which are only available here:  https://www.solux.net/cgi-bin/tlistore/soluxbulbs.html . The SKU is BB18003: Black Back 50W 4700K/36 Degree “Flood.”

Here is a link to a $55 clip-on lamp from Pegasus Lighting that can use the Solux bulb I recommended. You will need to buy the Solux bulb separately (I recommend the 50 Watt 4700K/36 degree black back bulb for proofing-that is the same one I used in the workshop and the info is above).

Not quite as good for color proofing, but one that uses less energy is this compact fluorescent light:

It will go into any standard Edison screw-in socket.

Another option: This looks like a good jewelers lamp for $50 (you can often find jeweler’s lamps used as well).

You can then replace the bulbs that ship with it and buy 2 Sylvania Design 50 F15/T8 bulb for about $12 ea. (2 will cost about $8 to ship to most addresses in the USA). Here is a good source:

The Home Depot also sells a similar bulb called Phillips SUNSHINE. It is 5000K. Look for the: F15/T8 size if you’d like to use it with the jeweler’s lamp mentioned above.

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INFO ON OBAs (Optical Brightening Agents)

I mentioned OBA’s during my talk. For articles and more information on OBAs, see the links under L6.22 here:


For an article about what pen and pencils to consider for signing art, visit this page;

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Also, I gave out a few 9×11 GalleryPouch Gold w/ Velcro-brand Closure bags, a product that I helped develop with a company in Dallas, TX named Frame Destination. You can see me do an overview of the GalleryPouch bags below in the embedded video, or on this site: https://www.GalleryPouch.com . They are also great for lenses, tripods and grey cards. Their 8-ply mats (I showed those as well) are also fantastic (and very affordable, especially if purchased in qualities over 10).

Also, you should have received a coupon code via e-mail for 10% off your order.

All the best!

Andrew Darlow