Private One-on-One Color Management, Printing and Photo Workshops on 7/21/2012 in NJ

After nearly 20 years of teaching, I’ve found that one-on-one training is almost always the best way to learn how to get the most from an application or printer. If you own an inkjet printer and want to get a better screen-to-print match using Lightroom and/or Photoshop, or if you’d like to learn how to get better prints from a professional photo lab or “Atelier” (a term often used to describe a company that produces fine-art prints on a high-end level for artists), this one-on-one private consulting opportunity may be perfect for you.

On Saturday, July 21, my friend, Jim Roselli and I will be conducting one-on-one private consulting sessions at ARTISTICEfex Studio in Hillsborough, NJ. We are also doing one-on-one private DSLR training sessions in the evening in Princeton, NJ, which should be a lot of fun (especially since the weather forecast looks perfect).

Jim Roselli will be working with clients who want to explore large-scale printing with the Epson Stylus Pro 9900, and I’ll be working with people who want to make prints on an Epson Stylus Pro 3880. We’re both “Lightroom Geeks,” so either of us can help you to understand the workflow from beginning to end. For more information or to register for a session (there are only six private sessions available during the day and four in the evening), please visit this page:


If you are interested in working with me but are unable to attend any of the live sessions in Hillsborough, NJ, I’m also available for private instruction in your home, studio, via phone, or via remote desktop (with your permission, I can view your screen). All ImagingBuffet.com readers who mention that they read this post can take $50 off the first hour of consulting if reserved by 8/1/2012 and completed by 12/1/2012. To reserve a session, please send a note to me via this page, and if you have any questions about the upcoming sessions, feel free to contact me via my cell phone at 732-742-0123, or via this page.


Innah | Inkjet - May 9, 2013

One on one training can really help develop potentials easily. This way it will be easier to identify weaknesses and correct mistakes especially when dealing with delicate tasks like color management printing.

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