Resolution Article in June/July 2009 After Capture Magazine

I just received the newest issue of After Capture magazine (June/July 2009) and I’m happy to have been able to provide another “Rip this Page Out” article. This time, I’ve provided a resolution chart , similar to the one I make available to those who subscribe to my Inkjet & Imaging Tips Newsletter, as well as a description of how to use it and what resolution to choose for different purposes.

If you qualify for a free subscription of After Capture , it will be delivered to you in hardcopy form. The June/July issue has a number of excellent articles (including one very helpful one about Lightroom, metadata and what happens behind the scenes in the application). I highly recommend taking a look at the website-AfterCapture.com. All the PDFs from the current and past issues can be downloaded there.

If you receive the magazine, I think you’ll agree that this month’s cover image by photographer Jude Goldman is spectacular. The sharpness, image quality and photo is fantastic. You can see the image in the opening spread of the story about Jude Goldman HERE.

If you’d like to download the PDF of my article without having to visit the site, you can do that by clicking HERE.


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Philadelphia Wedding Photographer - July 19, 2009

Thanks for information. Its really nice blog post.

Sundance STudios - July 24, 2009

This article is a must have for anyone in the print industry. It’s helped us tremendously and thank you for making it public!

Andrew - August 21, 2009

Thanks so much for the very kind words!


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