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About the Imaging Buffet
VIP (Very Impressive Print) CLUB

Are your prints impressing you as much as you hoped they would before you bought that expensive inkjet printer? If not, the Imaging Buffet VIP Club may be perfect for you. Andrew Darlow will begin by speaking one-on-one with you via phone to determine your specific needs. In most cases, you will then print out a test chart from a file Andrew sends to you and after shipping it to him, he will measure it, then e-mail you back a profile. He can also discuss other topics, such as the consulting services listed on the consulting page.


Here’s what you’ll receive:

Two custom profiles made with a high-end spectrophotometer (profile editing also offered, which can turn a good profile into a fantastic profile);
Up to 90 minutes of phone consulting (up to two calls are included and they can also be recorded so that you may review the calls later); and at least a 25% discount on any live seminar or workshop Andrew runs independantly, as well as 20% off of any future in-person or phone consulting services.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Cost of membership in the Imaging Buffet VIP Club is $399 and membership never expires*.

Below is a recent testimonial from a consulting client (in-person and phone consulting):

I first met Andrew in 2002 when I took his excellent class on inkjet printing at ICP in New York. I was new to the subject and was eager to start making my own portfolio prints as I had been less than happy with the prints I was getting from my lab. Andrew got me up and running in no time. His knowlege of the subject is infinite and his experience vast. My notes from the class have been my Inkjet Bible ever since.

Andrew has since made two ICC profiles for my home office printers. The first time during a home visit in which he also made sure that my monitor and photoshop settings were all in-line with the printer. And the second time over the phone and through the mail, in which I mailed him a color chart that I printed out. Andrew then emailed me the ICC profile. The turnaround time on this was less than 72 hours. I feel like I can call Andrew any time with printing questions. He is a true professional and highly recommended.” -Matthew Wakem (

More testimonials are available here.

Contact Andrew at for more information or to take advantage of this opportunity today. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

After starting a membership in the Imaging Buffet VIP club, the included profiling and consulting services must be completed within three months. Customers not satisfied with the consulting and profiles offered through the program will be refunded the entire amount of their VIP membership. The Imaging Buffet VIP Club options, pricing and availability are subject to change at any time.