Sinar Bron Announces $5000 Annual Photography Scholarship

For many years, I have used products made by the three Swiss companies whose products are distributed in the United States by Sinar Bron Imaging: broncolor, Foba and Sinar. I’ve always been impressed by the quality of the products, including Sinar view cameras, broncolor power packs and Foba camera stands, as well as the innovations that each of the companies has made in their respective areas. I’ve also been fortunate to have met and learned from many of the people who make and distribute the products, and I thought that this scholarship, named in honor of Sinar’s founder Carl Koch, would be of interest to our readers. Below are the details of the scholarship.

Carl Koch (1916-2005), founder of Sinar AG. Photo courtesy Sinar Bron Imaging

Sinar Bron Imaging, the exclusive US distributor of broncolor, Foba and Sinar professional photographic equipment, has announced a scholarship in honor of Sinar’s founder and photography pioneer Carl Koch (1916-2005). The $5,000 scholarship will be awarded annually to an outstanding student pursuing an undergraduate degree in photography in the United States.

Mr. Koch invented the Sinar view camera (1948) and the universal shutter (1951). He changed professional photography by simplifying camera settings and adding selective exposure metering at the film plane (1968). “Highly innovative products and technological breakthroughs from broncolor, Foba and Sinar have always given professional photographers the freedom to be creative and stay ahead of the curve,” continued Ms. Strobel. “With this scholarship, we hope to encourage and support the work and creativity of the next generation of professional photographers.”

Sinar Bron Imaging is enlisting the help of photography schools and programs to nominate potential candidates for the scholarship. Deadline for student portfolio submissions (one candidate per school) is May 15, 2007. The Sinar family and representatives of Sinar AG will review the portfolios and select the scholarship recipient who will be announced in September 2007. For more information on the scholarship criteria and submission process visit