The Aperture Users Network Launches MacCreate.com

The Aperture Users Network just announced the launch their new sister site: MacCreate.com. According to a recent e-mail I received, MacCreate is “dedicated to providing information and resources for the creative Mac user…MacCreate.com provides instruction on programs in Apple’s iLife and iWork suites, pro applications as well as third party programs.”

picture-7After taking a look at the site, I’m very impressed by the content that’s already there, including:

• Facebook posting from iPhoto in just a few steps;
• Assigning a place in iPhoto; and
• How to make Quick Keywords in iPhoto

The site’s home page can be found at MacCreate.com.


Noel McDonald - March 16, 2009

Sounds great to me

John Bressie - April 4, 2009


Neil - August 22, 2012

Nobody cared then and nobody cares now. Its gone.

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