Two Recent Articles on Factors to Consider when Choosing an Inkjet Printer

I recently wrote two pretty long articles for Photo.net covering factors to consider when choosing an inkjet printer. When all was said and done, I wrote about 7000 words total for both articles thanks to the number of printers on the market, as well as the many topics to consider before making an investment in a printer (from costs to RIP options). I added information about my personal experiences with inkjet printers, and I included a number of printer model names and specific suggestions throughout the article. The first covers printers up to 17 inches in width, and the second covers printers up to 44 inches in width (the widest paper size that can fed into a printer).

You can read the articles by visiting the links below:




John Macpherson - April 3, 2011

Fancy popping up a summary on your own site? Save people reading 7000 words and shooting people off to another site. Just an idea..

Andrew - April 4, 2011

Hi John:

It would be very difficult to summarize the contents of the article. I shared the links here so that more people would know the articles exist.

All the best,


Fotogrāfs Valters - April 14, 2011

Nice posts about inkjet printers! I like your aticles Andrew.

Shibu Lekshman - May 21, 2011

That was some good information buddy. Thanks for sharing.

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