Upcoming Events in NYC In Association with Aperture.org

I was just sent an e-mail from Aperture.org (publisher of Aperture magazine and many outstanding books), so I thought I’d share these upcoming events (most if not all are free to attend). The Projected Image panel discussion looks particularly interesting because it’s amazing how the scale of an image, as well as the medium (think Times Square with its colossal images), can impact the viewer. There’s nothing like sitting in a darkened room with large images projected as a photographer or other artist speaks about his or her work.


Speaking from experience, if you have a chance to see great photographers like Joel Meyerowitz or Jay Maisel show and speak about their work in a location with high quality projection equipment, I think you’ll be speechless. I know I was.

Below are links to the events:
Events with Joel Meyerowitz
The Projected Image

I recently wrote about Joel Meyerowitz’s outstanding new books and exhibition at the Museum of the City of NY here:

There are other events, including a holiday sale happening in December at Aperture. Check Aperture.org for more info.


Szintia - November 20, 2012

Funny, I just emailed the CR Guy on this suebcjt a week or two ago. I was hoping/wishing for a little more! After all, it’s been over six months since the last update. Here are a few I’d like to see for the 1D4:Easy ones for Canon to do: Navigation through the info menu on the LCD, using the multicontroller, Ala 5D2/7D.Also, adding the capability to use the spot AF function on all lenses would be cool too!Little more challenging ones: Illuminate the surrounding FP/FPs the camera selected when viewing the image on DPP. Same thing for when using the auto FP selected point/s (when some or all 45 FPs are selected). Right now, all you get is the primary FP (manually selected FP) or, the FPs surrounding the outside 45-points when auto FP selection is used. Here’s a couple of big ones .allow RAW images to be sent to only one of the cards and L to the other separately and not at the same time, from the card selection menu. Right now, you can only select RAW+L on both cards at the same time or spend extra time/effort to shoot RAW on just one card (only one card in the camera). It would also be nice, to be able to store more that just two (separate) manually selected AF points, when pressing the multicontroller. Maybe a CF to allow this?

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