Upcoming Full-Day Photography and Lightroom Workshops in NJ

I recently announced on my Facebook Photo and Printing Tips Page a new full day workshop that I’m doing on two different days (1/26 and 1/27/2013) at Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ entitled: “Travel/Street Photography Techniques and Lightroom 4 Workshop.” It’s geared toward digital SLR (DSLR) and “Mirrorless” camera users. I think it will be especially useful for people who are struggling to properly organize and back up their images. In this workshop, I will cover street/travel photo tips and also share the same workflow I use with my private consulting clients to help them get their photo collections in order so that they can then start concentrating on making great images and prints.

I would like to offer a $40 discount via the promo code “IMB4” (no quotes), which you can enter in the bottom right of the registration section. Please also note that I’m offering a one hour follow-up private phone consultation to everyone who registers by Monday, 1/21.

For more information about the Sat. 1/26 workshop, please visit this page:

and for more information about the Sun. 1/27 workshop, please visit this page:

And in case you are interested in how I created the looping gallery of images on the workshop pages (and shown above), I created a Collection of the photos I wanted in Lightroom 4, then put them in the order I wanted (you can only do that if your photos are in a Collection). I then went into the Slideshow Module and set a number of options. I then Exported the slideshow as a movie (located in the bottom left of the left panel). I then imported it into my Vimeo.com account, set the options I wanted (including autoplay), got the embed code and entered it into the html section of the Eventbrite.com editor (workshop page) and the WordPress editor (ImagingBuffet.com site).

I hope to see you there!


Irwin Brodsky - January 19, 2013

I would very much like to attend but. I’ll be away till the following week. Will you be offering them again soon!!

Thank you

Irwin Brodsky

Andrew - January 21, 2013

Hi Irwin: Thank you for your interest. I will be offering other workshops, but probably not this exact one for a while. You can keep updated by subscribing to my newsletter at https://imagingbuffet.com/newsletter. All the best!

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