Updated “Icons of Photography” website with 20 Questions for Peter Read Miller

About five months ago, I posted some information about Kingston Technology’s Icons of Photography microsite on www.kingston.com. The company recently announced it is adding interactive features to the microsite consisting of three new parts – 20 Questions, Ask the Icon and Critique My Image. Beginning in May, new components will allow visitors to pose questions directly to some of the world’s most respected photographers, including Harry Benson, Colin Finlay, and Gerd Ludwig, and will provide an opportunity for submitted photographs to be critiqued by members of the ‘Icons’ program.

The microsite will continue to showcase work produced by each photographer, along with a listing of upcoming projects, lectures and workshops from each. Currently on the site, Sports Illustrated Photographer Peter Read Miller Answers “20 Questions.”


In the 20 Questions feature, Miller speaks about his website, which is powered by LiveBooks, he discusses a workshop that he’s currently teaching in Denver, CO and he mentions what it was like shooting this year’s very rainy Super Bowl in Miami, FL.

Here’s a quick tip: If you click on any of the small image thumbnails under the main text box, you can view a gallery of stunning photos (nearly full-screen). If you use your keyboard arrows, it’s much faster and more convenient to navigate through the photographs.

By clicking on the archives and selecting Dec. 2006, you can also read some great information about how Miller shoots football games, and how he works with Sports Illustrated. And in the June, 2006 archive, Miller gives some helpful advice about how to slow down and take better portraits.

This quote from Peter Read Miller especially stuck with me, and it’s something that I often find myself doing. He notes: “…even when I’m not physically holding a camera, I’m constantly taking pictures in my mind and looking for ideas the next time I do have my camera in my hands.”

Peter Read Miller’s 20 questions (and answers) and the new ‘Icons of Photography’ Web site can be found at www.kingston.com/iop.



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