How to make your handwriting into a font

I was just listening to TMUPLive (Typical Mac User Live) with the show’s host Victor Cajiao and his guest Chris Christensen. During the show, Victor and Chris discuss some very interesting history about Apple Computer in the 1990’s. After I read the show notes on, I checked out Chris Christensen’s personal blog,, and decided to read his earliest posts from February 2004.


I then came across Chris Christensen’s article about a piece of software called Fontifier. This software allows you to download a chart, which you fill out and scan. The software then creates a font from the characters. I think this is extremely cool, and I’m looking forward to trying it out. You can preview the font you create for free, and the cost to buy the font, if you want to keep it, is $9. You can see Chris’ article and his personal font here. And you can check out and try Fontifier here.

Chris Christensen has a fantastic podcast and blog called The Amateur Traveler. It features Chris’ stories, photos and video, and he also interviews people who talk about destinations all around the world. The audio is offered in mp3, as well as enhanced versions in AAC format, which includes images. A few months ago, I was a guest on the show and shared a number of travel photo tips. You can find the episode here.