Walt Mossberg To Review Apple iPhone on CNBC 1:30pm EST Wed 6/27

I just saw the announcement that Walt Mossberg, technology writer for the Wall Street Journal will review the Apple iPhone on CNBC 1:30pm EST Wed 6/27/2007. I’m primarily interested in the quality of the phone connection, audio quality when using Bluetooth devices, battery life when using Bluetooth, WiFi, etc., digital camera image quality, PDF viewing, and how well it can function as an “on-the-go” photo and video portfolio for photographers and other creative professionals.

I just came across this video on The Apple Phone Show, posted today. It’s difficult to say whether Mr. Mossberg will add any additional info. I assume his appearance on CNBC will be live. The Apple Phone Show site also has links to online reviews by Walt Mossberg and David Pogue, Technology Columnist from The New York Times.

iPhone related resources and news links from CNBC.com’s home page (www.cnbc.com)

My guess is that the video review will probably be posted here sometime today. (No, that’s not a YouTube link, but it’s always possible it will end up there too).

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The Apple Phone Show: An excellent blog and podcast that covers the Apple iPhone.

UPDATE Wed 5:30PM : This was a pretty good interview, though I found the written review by Walt Mossberg on the Wall St. Journal’s website to be far more comprehensive. I did learn from the review that Walt will probably be purchasing one (he has to return the one he tested), which is a good endorsement for Apple. I would like to know what the screen looked like after a few weeks of finger tapping and sliding.
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