Adobe Lightroom 3 Available for Under $70 Today at bhphotovideo.com

After yesterday’s post about Lightroom 3 being sold at Adorama.com for $79, I was surprised to see that today only (Wed. 2/15/2012), B&H is selling the same full version of Lightroom 3 for about $10 less, or $69.95. If you were thinking of purchasing Lightroom, and if you don’t already own a full version of Lightroom, this is a great way to own a full version so that you can purchase an upgrade to Lightroom 4 when it ships (if you decide to upgrade).

To visit the page on bhphotovideo.com with the $69.95 offer, Visit This Page.
(please note that this is an affiliate link. If you would prefer not to use the link above, just enter “Lightroom 3″ into the search box on bhphotovideo.com)


Photographer in Yorkshire - February 29, 2012

Sounds a brilliant offer, thanks for sharing.

nick alamanos - March 5, 2012

Any clue what the upgrade price will be from 3 to 4?

Yucel - March 11, 2012

Nice, worth the try, today it was 240 bux using your link…

email me next time please?


james bern - March 14, 2012

This is such a great deal for the full version of lightroom! I cannot believe how cheap this is, I was going to start looking for another photoshop editor because of the high price but 70 bucks is incredible!

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