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Adobe Lightroom 3 Available for Under $70 Today at bhphotovideo.com

After yesterday’s post about Lightroom 3 being sold at Adorama.com for $79, I was surprised to see that today only (Wed. 2/15/2012), B&H is selling the same full version of Lightroom 3 for about $10 less, or $69.95. If you were thinking of purchasing Lightroom, and if you don’t already own a full version of Lightroom, this is a great way to own a full version so that you can purchase an upgrade to Lightroom 4 when it ships (if you decide to upgrade).

To visit the page on bhphotovideo.com with the $69.95 offer, Visit This Page.
(please note that this is an affiliate link. If you would prefer not to use the link above, just enter “Lightroom 3″ into the search box on bhphotovideo.com)

Adobe Lightroom 3 Available for Just $79 Today at Adorama.com

I just came across this offer and wanted to share it with you. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (Full Edition, not the Student/Teacher Edition) is available today only (2/14/2012) for $79 at Adorama.com. Lightroom 4 will probably be released sometime in the upcoming 8 weeks or so, but if you don’t have a full edition, you will need to pay for a full version. I assume any full edition of Lightroom to date (LR1, LR2 or LR3) will be eligible for the upgrade price, but I don’t know that for a fact. Having a full edition allows you to upgrade for less than the application’s retail price. In the past (as shown in the screen shot below from the Adobe Store), the upgrade from LR1 to LR3 and LR2 to LR3 has been $99 (it may be less elsewhere). It is both Mac and Windows compatible.


To go directly to the page on Adorama.com with the $79 offer, visit this Page.
(please note that this is an affiliate link. If you would prefer not to use my affiliate link, just enter “Lightroom 3” into the search box on the site)


Recent Inkjet Printer Interview on This Week in Photography

I was recently interviewed by Scott Bourne of TWIP (This Week in Photography) about some of the inkjet printers I recommend (you can see the comments that follow the article for one correction about a RIP I mentioned).

Here is a link to the article where you can either subscribe to the podcast or just listen to the interview as an mp3.

I think that the TWiP site offers a wealth of info about photography and imaging.